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I got an underage at the beginning of the month and my court date is coming soon, i just wanted to know what will the judge ask.
This is my first underage, and the first time i have EVER been in trouble. I'm scared to go to court and i just want to know what he will ask me, when I'm there. I was not holding any alcohol i was just running around my house being obnoxious when the cops got there. Do you think the judge will ask me where i got the alcohol from? Or will he just read off what has happened, then say what do i plead?
Plead not guilty. If you are asked about your date of birth, or asked to confirm your date of birth, say that you...
Can they charge me when the machine dont work [hgn]
i took the breathtest on site 2 times didnt register 1 at police dept ,didnt register ,2 different machines can they still use these ,i crawled out of vehicle and directed traffic until police showed up ,middle of december .raining ,very cold i refused the standing on 1 foot ect. test ,but did do hgn test ,=6hgn ,i have artifical lens in both eyes,they are always red/bloodshot
Yes, you can be charged with DUI. In fact, a person can be charged with DUI with no machine/test results and no FST's...
Friend got dui and they ran my license but i didn't recieve a ticket. will my PO find out if they only ran license?
Friend got dui and they ran my license but i didn't recieve a ticket. will my PO find out if they only ran license
Running your licence should not show up in the system. However, if the officer saw you had a PO he may contact them and...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I received a DUI in Ohio 9 years ago while in college. Is it possible to now ask to have this reduced to a lesser charge?
I received a DUI 9 years ago while in college. Since that charge took place, I graduated with a bachelor's degree, went on to get a masters degree, have been employed in a business career the last 8 years, and have started a family. I have no other criminal charges on my record. What would be my chances of having this reduced to a lesser charge? Is this even a possibility in Ohio?
A DUI is not a charge that can be expunged in Ohio. In my area of the State, I do NOT know of any Judge's allow a 9...
I used clonazepam and it made me intoxicated 3 days later and I didn't know I was going to be not able to drive car properly
three days later so I got OVI with blood for clonazepam do I have a chance to argue that I only thought I was gonna feel it for a couple of hours I didn't use anything in between
I am not licensed in Ohio, but my answer is based on California law, where I am licensed. The answer would be no. It...
I didn't blow. Odds of a reduced charge? I'm in real estate. I'll loose everything if I can't drive. No priors of any kind.
I made an illegal u turn. When asked I did say I had a couple beers. Not sure how field sobriety went, I told the officer I had a knee injury which is true. I know I had trouble on the one leg part. Not surprising with a torn knee. I didn't blow when asked. They said I would loose my license for a year if I didn't. Pretty intimidating but every attorney always says don't blow. Any advice would help. I'm 40, no priors. I'm not gonna lie. I was in AA until this recent relapse, I can't lie about that part. The recently ex chief of police had known me my whole life and knows I've been in AA if that helps
Contact an attorney asap, certainly before your next court appearance. You are suspended for a year by the BMV, but you...