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When I was stopped and cited for DUI, I had no alcohol or illegal drugs in my system; but had taken several prescription drugs legitimately prescribed to me. Since all had been taken in recommended strengths and frequency, most, if not all, of them should have only minor impacts on the ability to drive safely. What are the test results likely to show?
They will test for those substances. It sounds like you have a good defense, though you will need a lawyer to convince...
So I'm on GA. State Probation, got pulled over in McIntosh County for the officer not being able to read the tag( so he says!) So I get a ticket for DUI (refused to take test) and Driving on Suspended License. Went to court and was put in jail( probably b/c of my prior record) but the officers told me that I didn't catch another charge, and all I would have to do is talk to my PO and it will be taken care of. Where does that leave me? and how long will I be in jail for this?
None of us have a crystal ball to predict your future. You CAN be in jail for the balance of your probation, but that...
The hospital blood screen came back negative. how to get the DUI charged dropped and never show up on any background test?
Have you hired him a lawyer yet?
I need to know if I can get a work permit, I have hearing on the 24th of May, and a buddy at work told me that I would not be able to scene I was licensed out of Fl, that it happened to his brother and they denied him a work permit as he was not licensed in Ga... I was here two days and got a DUI first offense on a Sunday so I had no time to change my info to Ga and they kept my Fl licenses, I do live here in Ga and work here... I am trying to see if this is true? I did pay a local lawyer here and he has not said anything about this to me, but getting him on the phone is a issue also, am I wasting my money on this lawyer??? I have 3 days until my hearing for it... I am the sole provider for my family due to wife's health issues and need to be able to get to work we have four children.
If you are currently on a fl drivers license, you would not be eligible for a work permit or limited permit in ga if...
He refused to take a drug test when he got arrested for DUI so of course that's an automatic suspension on the license. Can a probation officer find out about your arrest in a different county?
Yes, the PO can find out and will find out eventually. Yes, your brother could be facing potential jail time on a...
I was recently stopped for a DUI. The officer asked me to step out of the car for a field sobriety test and refused that. His comment was- fine, let's move on to the breathalyzer test. I refused that as well. He said that i would be arrested for DUI. Once back at the station, he said I would need to give a blood test. I told him about my medical issues and asked that he called my Dr. and gave him her number. She never came to draw my blood, and was sent in to general population. Did I do the right thing or should I have done all of the tests?
It sounds like it will be difficult for the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were under the influence...
The accident was not my fault-a lady hit me as I was turning left with a green turn signal at the light. She states that her light was green. There were no witnesses to the crime. I was asked if I had had anything to drink and stupidly said "yes." This is when I was given the breathalyzer. The police would not tell me what my breathalyzer result was at the accident scene & asked me to blow several times. They did not breathalyze the other party! At the jail I blew a .079 which is what is stated on my report. The police office stated that if I was in an accident then my BAC only had to be .04 to be charged with a DUI. I looked this up and this applies for commercial vehicles only. I was driving a car. How can I be convicted of a DUI with a .079? What should be my next step?
You need to consult with a lawyer right away. You can still be convicted if you blow under .08. The State can show that...