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  • Taking on Harry: New tome tackles TR's role in notor...

    Tuesday Jan 27 | via 

    HARRY LEMBECK, who heretofore has been best known in these parts as the husband of Marietta School Superintendent Dr. Emily Lembeck, has a new adjective to start associating with his name these days: "author."


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  • Woman pleads guilty to role in human-smuggling opera...

    Thursday Jan 8 | via KSLA-TV Shreveport 

    A local organic farm opposes the U.S. Army's plan for the disposal of millions of pounds of M6 propellant found on property leased by Explo Systems, Inc. at Camp Minden in 2013. A local organic farm opposes the U.S. Army's plan for the disposal of millions of pounds of M6 propellant found on property leased by Explo Systems, Inc. at Camp Minden in 2013.


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  • Son of former Gulf Cartel leader busted in Texas for...

    Wednesday Jan 7 | via Fox News 

    The son of one of the most notorious drug cartel leaders in Mexican history was arrested by U.S. authorities as he attempted to smuggle weapons and drugs into Mexico from Texas. Osiel CA rdenas Jr., son of former drug lord Osiel CA rdenas GuillA n, was in a U.S. federal court earlier this week to face charges that he purportedly tried to traffic hundreds of rounds of military-style ammunition south of the border.


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can i just go to the dmv/dps and get a new one or what is going to happen? i am currently getting charged for failure to render aid.
I think you should go to the DMV and get a duplicate license especially since the DWI was dropped. The failure to give...
Now what happens!! Does it affect the case?
It is important to know whether your boyfriend plead to a DUI (Driving under the influence; class C) or a full blown...
first sentence 13 yrs was release on parole for 7 did 3 outside but he got in a car n drove n had drank early but still smelled so was locked up n his parole is in violation. he recently got disabled for mental problems .
Your husband is facing an amount of time in prison based on how much time he has left to do on parole. However you do...
I've had a clean driving record for over 20 years
There are times one can be charged with DUI while against or on a vehicle with keys handy or car running. This is know...
I am looking for an experienced attorney who specializes in Criminal Defense and has handled many DWI cases. Prefer an attorney with previous experience working with the local prosecutors office. Case should be an easier one since I have no priors and did not submit to any tests.
Use the "Find a Lawyer" tab above to locate a good lawyer.
Imagragion went in and saw his work permission expired but he has social security number and is from el salvador to get him out of jail i have to pay alot for the DWI he has and its alot cause of ICE hold . if i cant pay all the bond what happnes next
In general, if u cannot pay the bond, the person remains in ICE custody. To seek legal advice about your husband's...
Was out of car,on private property,windows up,doors locked,keys in hand. Was not advised to charge.Givin pen and walk the line test,then I asked to leave,was told couldnt (asked to walk home,told no),then I said no more tests,take me to jail (42 days in),didnt sign refusel(wasnt asked to blow). I cant seem to find out if license is suspended.....can they or not? No inditement from them,state picking it up.
Your license is suspended if (1) they took your license and gave you a form to serve as temporary license and (2) you...