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  • INCIDENTS, 4/28/15

    Monday Apr 27 | via The Tribune 

    Report of a property-damage wreck involving a car and a deer, southbound Interstate 65, 11 miles south of Seymour, 4:41 a.m. Monday. Caller reporting eight vehicles were chasing him and he crashed his car into a wall, County Road 1075E, Seymour, 10:50 p.m. Sunday.


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If your probation is revoked for a charge that has been threw out. Will they did reinstate or revoke and incarcerate
My boyfriend is waiting to go to court for probation revocation. But the charge that intentionally revoked him has been dropped. So I was just wondering if they would just reinstate his probation or possibly give him jail time
These are questions he should be asking his lawyer. No one here has enough information to even guess. That the...
What happens when you're pulled over and find out that your license has been suspended for a previous DUI, but were unaware?
My brother was convicted of a class c misdemeanor dui a while ago and has almost completed his probation. Just the other day he was pulled over and was told that his license is suspended for a few years. He says that he was unaware of the suspension, and now he has to go back to court. What kind of consequences could he be facing, and is there anything he can do to avoid further legal trouble since he didn't know about the suspension?
In this situation, the first thing to do is get the Disposition or Final Order/Sentencing Order from the Clerk. You...
If a person in Indiana is in an accident and arrested for dui are they automatically at fault regardless of who's at fault?
Car ran a stop sign and I hit him and now he is suing me for damages.
Great question. Criminally fault does not matter. You are rear ended and you are drunk you are guilty of DUI even tho...
I lost my license for life in 2 countys 7 years ago, I am doing great two jobs solid place to live 2 kids can i get a hardship l
I used to hooked on drugs really bad, I have changed my life I have 2 jobs 2 boys I take care of with no welfare but i cant get them to school, me to work, the gocery drs appts is there any way for me to get a license
maybe in Alabama if you live there for a year.
My son had his license suspended for 5 yrs. He had 2 yrs left.
He hasn't been in trouble for 3 or so years. Was not on any probation. He had a moped that was a 150 cc, instead of a 49cc. He had been stopped 3 x by police but they only stopped him to check for drugs like they everyone here. They turned a blind eye to the fact that his moped was more than a 49cc and he wasn't supposed to be driving it without a license. Scott was driving this moped for 2 years with them knowing it and never saying anything. However, the police Dept decided to crack down this week and start arresting people. He was one. Now he's in jail facing a felony and a habitual traffic violator charge. How much time is he looking at doing? Can this successfully contested? It's Jackson County, IN.
If he's being charged with the offense of Habitual Traffic Violator, as a Class D Felony, he is facing a sentencing...
Will i get any jail time for dws-prior?i go to court in 3 days.
i got pulled over for dws-prior is what the cop said.i went to jail and posted $705 bond 7 hours later.when i go to court will i do any jail time?i had no idea my license was suspended so i dont think it should be my fault if i didnt know.i was just picking my wife up from work when they arrested me right infront of my 2 little kids.i just wanna know if i need a lawyer and if there will be any jail time?
I would recommend that you hire a criminal defense lawyer since you are facing a criminal charge. The charge of Driving...
Illinois DUI alcohol and drug evaluation, but I live in Indiana....
I'm am taking a DUI plea in Illinois for a DUI charge I received recently. I need to get an alcohol and drug evaluation for the court to accept the plea. I have entered an Intensive Out Patient program here in Indiana, where I reside, however the assessment paperwork I received from this treatment center does not suffice for Illinois my lawyer says. He informed me that I need to get an evaluation that categorizes my risk level (miminal, moderate, etc) however I'm not sure where to get that done in Indiana that will satisfy the Illinois Courts. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Illinois's alcohol and other drug abuse ("AODA") requirements are very specific/stringent. Your best bet may be to...