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owi and use of dangerous weapon while being intoxicated. Samples only identified via paperwork
No, it is not. Labels and seals help establish chain of custody as well as integrity of sample. Absence, however, will...
I was give 2 year suspension and 2 year iid for 3rd offense DUI. Before I was convicted I was given an administrative suspension of 6 months. This counted towards the 2 year suspension. Post conviction, now 18 months later I will get full driving privileges back - no longer restricted to Occupational license. However the iid remains for 6 months. My new job will have me travel to CA this summer. They will want me to have a rental. I believe I can't drive any car that has no iid. I've had the IID for 18 months of the 24. Is it worth while going to court and ask the iid requirement to be shortened now that I have my regular license back?
Given your history I doubt if you'll be successful. Speak to your attorney.
This is a 1st owi with child under 16 b.a.c. was .14. Milwaukee county
I think you should be glad you're not in jail! Judges have wide latitude to order things like IIDs.
The Wisconsin DMV website states "You may not use an occupational license for recreational purposes." How is "recreational" defined? Obviously you are allowed to go to school, work, church, grocery shopping, etc. (If you check all the boxes), but I'm standing up in a wedding. Is going bridesmaid dress shopping allowed, or going to a salon to get your hair done for the wedding, going to buy my husband a suit, etc? It is a responsibility... Or is that recreational?
The items you list should be fine. Attending a wedding shower at a tavern would not.
What happens if one misses 2 calls (3am/did not hear the phone/asleep) and answers the 3rd while on SCRAMx? My friend is on SCRAMx and he missed 2 calls around 3am because he did not hear the phone ring. He frantically ran and answered the third call and CO from Franklin Huber asked him where he was and why he missed the calls. My friend explained the situation and CO says it is "fine for now." My friend did not drink or violated SCRAMx rule in any other way. Is it really OK or will he be taken back into custody/Huber during his next download meeting? Thoughts and answers are greatly appreciated!
It doesn't sounds like there's an issue here. The CO said he wasn't concerned, and you've given no reason to come to...
Officer didn't observe any driving of vehicle. Defendant observed sitting behind wheel of non-running vehicle. Emergency flashers were on. Can an OWI be based solely on the defendant's operation of emergency flashers?
Typically operation must be shown and it can be shown by any task consistent with operating the vehicle, I.e. Sitting...