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Given the vtl 1192.1 will leave a permanent record albeit non criminal, is there a 'better' outcome to DUI charge short of a complete dismissal? Main concern with the 1192.1 are the background checks, insurance coverage etc implications.
Any non-criminal charge or traffic infraction not found under VTL 1192 is betterbut it can only be achieved with the...
Officer had no reason to pull me over, I refused the test. What does a conditional discharge mean? I heard its sometbing that can be negotiated in cases like this. Is it a dismissal? Will charges be dismissed after I meet the conditions? Is a conditional discharge a conviction or dismissal? I am so worried on whether it will stay on my record as a criminal conviction or not. Is there something better than a conditional discharge plea deal? After some research of my own I understand that this discharge always comes with a 1 year suspension and interlocking device which I don't want. Can something be better be done in these instances? Thanks
A Conditional Discharge is part of a sentence and basically means stay out of trouble. Some call it unsupervised...
What happens if my DMV hearing results in a dismissal of my DWI charges. I have 2 hearings coming up from that arrest, they said it is one for DWI and one for refusal. Problem is I had a suspended license for a ticket in long island from a while ago that I did not know about. Should I go pay it before my hearing for DWI. Will I get my license back if case is dismissed or do I still need to wait one year. Also, I had a passenger in the car who drank and I was his designated driver. That is where the smell came from. I refused the test at the precinct because officers intimidated me and told me very disturbing things behind closed doors. I did not trust them or their device after the things they have said to me and the way they treated me. Do I have a chance?
The DMV refusal hearing is to determine whether you refused to take a breathalyzer when asked, as you are required in...
will I have a problems in the border ?
This is not a criminal question. You should re-post under the section for immigration lawyers. Good luck.
Cops came into my house arrest my boyfriend, when they said they only want to talk to him. I call and ask all they said it was a warrant and don't know when he would be release. I believe he had two dwi fines he could afford to pay because of lack of work from 8 years ago.
It is hard to give you any guidance when you don't know what the situation is. If he has not already seen a judge he...
Out of curiousity, i googled the name of the officer that arrested me and low and behold, he's received awards the last two years for the total number of DWI arrests he's made. Is it just me or does something seem wrong with this? While i was locked up he kept thanking me for his "$80 an hour overtime" and made reference to be in line for another award. Would something like this leave a less than favorable impression of the officer to a judge/jury? The reason i ask is because i had a relatively low BAC, my speech was not "slurred" as the officer claimed, and i highly doubt i had "watery bloodshot eyes" but this guy arrested me within 2 minutes of pulling me over and i think the fact that he's getting awards played a factor in my arrest.
It is not "unethical" in the sense that he/she can't control when an organization chooses to honor him for his work....
I'm originally from Mass and now live in NYC. I am 35 and have a clean record (no prior arrests, etc). I was pulled over, given a breathalyzer test and the device didn't work. I was arrested, then asked to take an official test in the precinct which I refused. I have been offered a job out of state (Washington DC/Virginia) where I would have to drive. Does my license stay suspended even if I win the case, have charges dropped, CWOF out, etc? Is there a way to still drive via hardship license?
(1) You are not eligible for a Hardship Privilege because you refused the test. (2) Your license is suspended for 15...