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He got a paper saying suspended for 15 days. Then he has to appear in court for that. Then he has to go to criminal court on a separate day. What is normally the outcome of both? He has only one prior arrest for something that was thrown out.
If he refused the breathalyzer, but there was evidence of him being drunk, then his license will be suspended and he...
I was charged with a DWI in Brooklyn, NY in August of 2014. It has been rescheduled by an attorney a few times but I would always see the new date on webcrims. I checked recently and the case is no longer there. I tried searching the docket number and my name and it returns 0 results. What can this mean? Could it have been dismissed? Or is this a normal error on their end? Thanks in advance!
Webcrims constantly has errors. Contact your attorney to stay updated and do not rely solely on webcrims.
I had a dwai on augest,2011 but i went to all the class and pay all the fine and i also have court realese paper and after that again i had an accident on 01/31/2012 after that i have apply for tlc limo license on febury, 2013 and i have and interview as a fitness review but they denied my application and i again apply for tlc license this time i don't no that am i getting the license or not.
You may not get a license. You may have to try an file an Article 78 in court after you exhaust your administrative...
Posted video of ex. I llive in NY she lives in VA.
Then you should probably remove them when you sober up.
Posted video of ex. I llive in NY she lives in VA.
Then you should probably remove them when you sober up.
What is New York State, Brooklyn Statute of Limitations for Property Damage/Car Damage in a DUI/DWI Accident?
The civil statue of limitations for negligence is 3 year. For a misdemeanor criminal dui the statute of limitations is...
DMV revoked my DL for 286 days for failure to blow. My charges were dismissed in court after the DMV trial. How do I get my revocation of my DL reversed?
The DMV hearing and the criminal case have nothing to do with each other. The criminal case has a much higher burden of...