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Treatment in lieu of conviction
Are you eligible for this with your first felony ovi in ohio ?
No. OVI's are not eligible for ILC. I suggest strongly that you retain a good OVI attorney to assist you because the...
Need a DUI lawyer.
I got pulled over, and officer have me field sobriety test and I passed. He said he still had to take me in because I smelled of alcohol. I refused to take breathalyzer at police station. State trooper told me he wouldn't be attending the court date also. And that I was very cooperative the entire time.
Feel free to use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" function. The Q+A it not intended for late recruitment (or client...
I was charged with OVI(DUI) and failure to operate. What are the chances I will be able to get special working privileges?
DUI/failure to operate Ohio. I'm from PA and I have a PA license. I crashed my car into a big pile of gravel and I was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The police came to the hospital to serve me a papers and asked me to submit to a blood test, to which I refused. The hospital had already conducted an ethanol blood test. I'm supposed to be getting a job in a few days for which I'll need my license and a vehicle. Should I plead not guilty or will that make things worse? What are my options? If I lose my license in PA, I'm completely screwed.
I'm sorry to hear about this . You've got a lot on the line apparently. You need to speak to a DUI attorney that can...
How much can I receive for two counts of child endangerment and aovi
They couldnt get a breathalizer reading
It depends. A local attorney has to look at your specific facts and take it from there. In the interim, here is the...
I got charged with DUI and child abuse for getting in car accident while under influence of alcohol and marijuana.
I got charged with DUI and child abuse for getting in car accident while under influence of alcohol and marijuana. Kid was in backseat. I NEVER intentionally abuse my children. It was bad judgement on my part and I am willing to take alcohol and drug class. Will prosecutor see me as a good parent and dismiss charges?
Probably not. You should consult with an experienced DUI lawyer immediately.
Can i get an OVI plea set aside from feb 2013??
My lawyer did not fight the breath test printout that had times crossed out an hand written over the "official" printed time
It is possible but very difficult to do. You would need to hire a lawyer to file a Motion to Withdraw your plea. This...
I was convicted of an OVI, some of the evidence should not have been admitted, can i get a new hearing?
The breath test results had the times crossed out and rewritten in pen, my whole field sobriety test and interview took less than 6 min
At this point, post trial, you may be left only with appealing your case. You should speak with your attorney about...