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Hello. I was pulled over last night very drunk. The officers gave a sobriety test and I told them I couldn't stand on one leg because I had to much to drink. They sat me in the police car then drove me home and dropped me off leaving my truck on the side of the road. They did not take me to the police station, they did not do a breathalyzer, they did not take blood, and didn't give me any paperwork. Could I still get a DUI or does it sound like they let me go? Thanks.
Since you were so intoxicated, it is quite possible that the true facts of the event maybe different from what you...
The incident happened on 12/2/10 I didn't get anything(summons court date). I got a call from a state trooper on 4/9/12 saying I have a warrant for my arrest. I was never charged with a dui or arrested.
DUI's are usually commenced by Summons not arrest warrant. A summons commands your appearance in Court but does not...
the cops saw me pass thru a intersection. shorty after that the road i was on was an S shape with no street lights or houses. they pulled me over all 3 cop cars speeding up to me with lights on and 1 said he "thought my headlights were out" i never woulda made it if they were out an i have pics proving that the road isnt drivible without lights. said he smelled alc, i recited my abcs ok, failed to walk the line and blew a .14 and had a BAC taken. do i have a defense that i was stopped on an opinion of my headlights and not the way i was driving beacuse i can prove they were on and i think he just made it up so he could pull me over or just messed up seeing my headlights were on and some how 3 cops were just there waiting.
Be prepared for a judge to believe the cops instead of your pictures and the argument that the road is not drivable...
I was pulled over prior to the cop stopping me and he asked if I was drinking and I said acouple over a long period of time and within 2 minutes he had me take a breath test. He then asked me to blow into the machine without specific instructions on how hard or anything and it didn't record the first time so I did it again after instructions and it recorded. I then did a heel to toe test that I passed and he arrested me for DUI and took me to the hospital for blood test and released from the hospital to friends. I am a non p.a. Resident from New Jersey if that makes any difference on consequences.
It sounds like the officer had to blow for a PBT (preliminary breath test) which is not admissible in court but can add...
My fiancé and I had moved to pennsylvania, shortly after as planned for months, established residency and aquired our drivers licences in pensy with no issues. I have not yet been convicted of the dui (waiting on a trial date). Is penndot going to recognize even with the interstate compact that this occurred? It was with a jersey licence, now I'm pennsylvania. Should I tell my dui attorney about this?
Short answer, "yes" depen ding on the outcome of the case in NJ. Of course, tell your attorney about this.
I'm pretty sure it's .04 no matter what you are driving if you have a cdl. But have heard that while not in a cdl vehicle it reverts to the standard. .08. What is the actual law?
.08 in Non commercial vehicle. That said, if you are a commercial driver, don't drive within 12 hours of drinking... I...
my friends brother got pulled over on a motorcycle he just purchased. he doesn't have a mc license and I doubt a permit. I don't know all the details but bottom line is. He blew a .06 but is a cdl driver so .04 is his limit, but the cdl was overlooked at the time. Could they still hit him with dui if it gets discovered?
The short answer is, yes, your friend's brother can and likely will be charged with a DUI. He needs an experienced...