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I was caught driving while impaired by drugs.1192.4 for evidence was found and I refused the chemical test.I had a suspended license at the time I was not aware of.I was stop for driving with insurance over lapse.not because I was driving recklessly or swerving out of the lanes.I was the only one in the accident or injuries.
No such thing as "definitely". Aside from you "definitely" need a good NY DWI attorney, there is no guarantee as to a "...
no criminal record but have recently got a dwi which i missed the court date for and have this warrant.issued...i missed the date by confusion of my own... however, its been a week and when i consulted with my lawyer he said I need some high bail amount...if I dont turn myself in until i have the bail....what time will i face on the stated charge
You should go back to court with an attorney to have the warrant vacated ASAP. Based on my experience in Suffolk county,...
i am out on bail from my first time dwi..
Return to court today to with your attorney to vacate the warrant before you lose any bail money that was posted. If...
I been revoked for 1year and have a interlock in a car I can't drive .
Consult with an experienced DWI defense attorney in your area about appealing the decision or pursuing an...
They would revoke my license on 5/10/13 bc I was taking a test for the cdl license while I texted my wife during the test The person there anullated my exam bc of it They set up a hearing I went to the hearing last month and I plead guilty of that stupid thing so i got the letter saying they revoke my license for 1 year no restriction or any privilage will consider What I can do I need help I will hire someone.
We can represent you give us a call toll free 1-877-996-6849.
I don't really feel like I have a lot of time to shop around, and there seem to be so many out there that I don't know where to start. .
1,500-2500 is the range where I live. Ny may be more expensive but probably not more than a 25 percent differential....
I was recentley sentenced to jail for ..30 days on a dart program worst case scenerio 1yr if problem is that i had a attorney that i hired which ended up leaving the company and they gave me a new one , i had mentioned to tue first attorney that my legal status was not at the moment not valid , next time i went to court i was with the new attorney and he worked out a ple for me for the 30 my problem was that i was not expecting to be asked the questions in to citizenship , wheni was aked the question by tue judge i sade yes , . Now i have a wife and a 4 year old daughter my wife is a valid green card holder and just started her citizenship papers .i know they have imigration or ice as they call it in jail . Will that question answered incorrectly affect me beeing able to mAk
It certainly will not help. Contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible to see if he/she can help.