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Just moved from florida , and would at least like to be able to drive my nephews to the hospital in case of emergency .. Do I need to become a resident to make it easier ?
Pretty much not possible until Florida reinstates your privilege to drive because they are pat of the Interstate...
I out on bail and may have not understood the terms of my release. I did drink the night before at a xmas party. I have no criminal record, I have GERD and don't know if that effects anything. Plus I had just got done using tooth whitener any may have not rinsed my mouth out enough.
Please consult with your attorney about this issue. They are in the best position to anticipate possible outcomes. Good...
I owed the court 25$ for my last and final fine for a dui. i was suppose to pay it on the 5th and i forgot because i thought i had payed it off already. i still ended up paying the 25$ online. what will the court do to me now and or police? will i get a search warrant and cops looking for me? please help im scared!
Its highly unlikely that anything will happen to you for paying a day late. The worst thing to usually happen for...
He's undocumented. Got pulled over for a DUI. he's never been in trouble. He's got a 2yr old daughter. He's been here 6 years. He's on L&I going to school. He has back problems. He's engaged. He's in the middle of prosecuting his ex for cashing his checks while he was in jail. He wants to get custody of his daughter. The county is allowing him to go deferred and after 2 years it'll become negligent driving. Does anyone know what his bond will possibly be? Will he automatically be given a bond or does he request one?
This is too complicated for anyone but a bond agent, I suggest you call one.
My elderly father-in-law was arrested for DUI following an accident in Bremerton, WA. He was disoriented and failed a field sobriety test, no ABV. He takes prescription meds that likely showed up on a blood test and is now charged with DUI. Subsequently, he has stopped driving for other health reasons. Is it worth hiring private counsel if his driving day may be over anyway and he has no money to pay fines?
It really depends. Was it alcohol related and is the state's only evidence the failed sobriety test? What is his...
I failed the first 4 times on one morning, because I was so baffled. Later that day, I passed, drove 2 miles, failed, and then passed again. I had it recalibrated so I wouldn't get locked out of my car. Then 2 weeks later, it failed me twice in one evening before I gave up. What can I expect from the court, even though I can hopefully prove the interlock device was malfunctioning?
This is an abnormally high number of fails and certainly has the appearance of a faulty IID. I would contact the...
PA has not objected to deferral, says I am eligible. My OR attorney just advised me after pre-trial conference that I should just plead guilty instead because over 8 years ago I had a drug-related (posession) conviction in AZ which had an out-patient drug counseling component as part of the sentencing and that in OR this disqualifies me from deferral. Complicating matters is that it seems that OR will impose additional fines/suspension time because I refused BAC testing. I refused test because officer informed me (incorrectly) that implied consent/automatic suspension could not apply to WA license. The relevant section appears to be 813.215 and as I read it-- it is very "driving while intoxicated" based- I'm not convinced that this advice is valid. Anyone have advice?
what you need to do is listen to your OR state attorney. He knows the laws there and will steer you in the right...