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I have a phys/cntrl on my record for a year and a half can it be removed. it says 1st degree misdemeanor..
Sleeping in vehicle and was charged with dui first.
No, there is no way to remove any traffic offense. Ovi, physical control, Driving Under Suspension, even speeding...
My son was stopped & given a breathilizer that only showed a .04%,but yet the officer cited him for OVI.
Officer harrassed him & insisted he was hauling drugs & found NONE.He insisted my son was making a Drug Haul. My son does take Medication for health problems but WAS NOT OVI.& only had a glass of beer with his lunch on his way home from Dr. appt. Officer took him in & did urine test which only showed the meds he is on. Will the citation hold up in court?Is this a legal citation?
Remember a police officer can make an arrest any time he/she believes that probable cause exists. An officer can...
My daughter lives in Columbus Ohio and has no job and no income. She got a dui 3 days ago. needs help for a attorney
My daughter has no job, no money and is in need of a attorney that will help her as she got a DUI 3 days ago. This is her first 1. She only had her temps. Our family has no money to help her. She was just starting to get on her feet by getting her license and getting a job. But now she will not be able to do. She knows she made a bad decision and is really depressed because of it. Please help
If you have no money to retain private counsel, then your daughter should request an appointed attorney at her next...
Is there any reason my probation for DUI would get extended?
I got a DUI in washington county pennsylvania and started my sentence on 7/6/2010. It was a second offense (got my first in Ohio in 2006) so i served 90 days in jail and have been on compact probation as my probation was transferred back to OH where I live ever since. I have done everything I am supposed to do including my drug and alcohol evaluation and classes. I was put on a fines payment plan and I am current on that. Things were ok until I saw my new P.O. here in oh (it got tansferred between states it is parole not probation) and he said that for any thing they could extend my probation. Even if they (meaning oh Parole) got some paperwork wrong. My max date is Jan 6, 2012. I havent received anything and the P.O in Penn said they were not extending me. do they need a reason?
Under Ohio law, they do need a reason. How it would play out regarding a PA case transferred to Ohio is a complicated...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I beat a DUI passing tests, Dr note re eye movements, yet "swerving" charge still remained. Can this be appealed?
7/5 I was pulled over for "swerving". In retrospect my friend /passenger (witness) remember my driving was fine. When the DUI charges were dropped I accepted it discounting the "marked lanes" charges. I come to find that this is 2 points on my record. I wonder can this be dropped after the fact. The court did did indeed get their fine and court cost...why wreck my driving record?! Though my current location is Fl, the offense wad in Stark County in OH Thank you 727 505 1081
It sounds like you have already been found responsible and the licensing agency has assessed the 2 points. It is...
Can you be required to take a drug test after being suspended.
I was told that I was suspended until further investigation and to turn in my name badge. After they suspended me they said that I need to go to a center for testing. I went to testing site and found out that the test was to be observed. I gave a sample and it was not enough so the throw it out. I want for two more hours and I couldn't urinate so I left. The company I work for stated that since I didn't leave a sample it was refusal to test and I got fired. Can this company require an observed test and can they require me to take the test after I was suspended.
I imagine this is covered in your contract or company policies and that there are situations in which the company may...