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  • Here's What Portland Would Look Like In GTA 6

    Thursday Jan 8 | via Cinema Blend News 

    There's a small compendium of local flavors, activities and local attractions in Portland, Oregon listed in a piece that explains why the city would be the perfect place for Grand Theft Auto VI . There's a few explanations on how the strip clubs, gun shops and coffee outlets make Portland an excellent destination for the action crime-drama.


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  • Waldo County Superior Court

    Dec 30, 2014 | via The Harbor Times Soup 

    Sharon L. Menard, 66, of Branson, Mo., theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, Department of Corrections five years all but 18 months suspended, three years probation, restitution of $103,000.


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I had my name changed to my fathers last name in the last year. I want to join either the marines or the army. With that said, I'm afraid that these are going to hold me back. The real ? is "Do I have to even put that these were on my record"? I'm wondering this because in some articles, I've read that after 5 years... it doesn't show up on one's criminal record anymore. I don't know if this is true or not. I don't want to lie about anything, but if I don't have to say anything, I would certainly like to not say anything. Please... Help me come to a conclusion with this ? Thank you so much whomever reads this.
In my experiences the armed forces and other government entities do a very extensive background check. If they ask...
All three were received while living in Arkansas. He has completed all necessary steps and been re-instated his license back in that state. However, we moved recently to Missouri (he owns and operates a business here) and was issued a 10 year denial for a drivers license in the state of MO. His job requires a lot of time driving back and forth to visit with clients and to conduct his business. We are in process of getting the first 2 expunged but AR law allows the decision to seal very up in the air, depending on what judge/prosecutor you draw for the case. If these are ruled to not be expunged how will my husband be legal to drive. His AR license is legal for another 4 years but upon renewal I worry it will be denied because of the MO hold on the National Drivers Register.
He may be eligible for a limited driving privilege. These rules just changed in March of this year. He will be required...
I have a court date on spetember 9 and i already applyied for an american passport beachse im going on vacation outside of usa for 10 days.will dui affect on me getting the passport ?
I am planing to go on vacation where i am required a visa for eurepean court date is sceduled after i come back from vacation.will dwi affect me of getting a visa on a european passport with a permament citizenship of the united states
Attorneys on Avvo practice US law. They cannot advise you on the laws and requirements of other countries. You need...
First was a single car accident. Blew .13 Second was traffic violation. Refused breathalizer but admitted to having a drink earlier.
Generally, you can take one SATOP for both pending cases. The reason is that the SATOP screening will take into...
Are you allowed to request a court appointed attorney before your first hearing by calling the courthouse? Or are you supposed to show up to court that day and then request one from the judge? I'm in a financial slump and hiring a private lawyer would be hard on my other obligations.
This depends on the jurisdiction you are in. You should call your local Bar Association (as in Attorney Bar...
In Missouri on 10/05/14 I was in a parking lot of a motel when police pulled in and utimately took me in at approximately 1:30 or so am. Several civial rights of mine were abused. I was charged I thought with a DWI according to the county court there are no charges pending a court date as of yet 1/11/14. I instanty moved forward with a restricted licence and satop as well as the interlock. I called the licence bureau interactive response hotlime and it states I have no pending or action against my license. My question is can i legally remove this interlock or do I just leave it on for the 6 months. I am not trying to bring any attention to myself and I am seeing the statue of limitations to be one year if I am correct. Any advise is appreciated. Thank you very much
Please see my answer on your first post. Hire DWI attorney ASAP. And call MDOR Monday and see if they even received...