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Besides the field sobriety test, under what circumstances would it be advisable for an individual to decline to take an alcohol breath test or other tests such a blood or urine test. The above is in reference to driving a motor vehicle.
It's situational - but if you have been drinking get a cab.
I am now going for a part time teaching job and need a finger print and background check. Will that dui show up on my background check?
It is not supposed to. That is a pretty great result getting AR for a DUI since that is not allowed but maybe they...
Single car accident and I went to the hospital. I don't know what my blood alcohol level was. It was 12 years ago. I have registered both my vehicles and I have a Connecticut license. Should I fight the charges? Do I have a case?
Yes you should fight the charges. The argument will be that the warrant was stale and therefore, unless there was good...
My husband was arrested for DUI and driving with a suspended license. He needs an attorney,what the fee estimates and defense options or chances.
Asking what his chances are is the equivalent of calling a doctor, tell him what your temperature is and asking him...
Does it change state to state
DUI, or driving under the influence can vary from DWI, which is driving while intoxicated. While interchangeable in...
had a party with a care accident and underage drinking
You need an attorney. Call me tomorrow
I recently asked about hiring a lawyer for a cell phone ticket (a moving violation) that could cause me to lose my license for 30 days. The only way I will not lose my license is if the charge is dropped to a non moving violation or nollied. A local lawyer that does a high volume of cases for low cost told me not to waste my money on representation because this court was no longer accepting donations for nollies.This means I can try to bargain for a non moving violation or play hard ball and take it to trial. I got a 2nd opinion;however, she is very pricy and not promising anything besides trying for donation and taking it to trial. Is the 2nd opinion worth hiring or is she just trying to get my business? Do you always have a better chance with a lawyer?
I do believe it is always better to have a lawyer--unless you possess the exact same skill set as an experienced...