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You are asking Florida lawyers this question. You need to ask lawyers in Georgia.
At some point last Thursday night I blacked out drunk at my friends and apparently decided to drive to my moms. Upon driving upto her house they said I must've passed out at the wheel and took out three mail boxes, a stop sign, and a palm tree. My truck was totaled and they found me lying in the driveway of my moms house covered in blood. I was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance and stayed over night. I woke up the next morning with my mom telling me what had occurred. I did not take a breathalyzer for obvious reasons. My mom does not know if they took my blood because when she got me the next morning there were two empty blood biles sitting next to me. But I do know that it's protocol when your involved in an accident that the hospital takes your blood. Should I get a lawyer?
You absolutely need a lawyer. The police may have retained a blood sample from the hospital an since this could be a...
My husband recently went to court on an old 10.5 yr's violation of probation. Old terms were 3 years starting 2001. The judge ruled the probation had ended in 2005 so he could not reinstate it. Instead, he extended it starting on the date of the recent court hearing until 12 months later. Upon visiting his PO after court, we were told there was a warrant in the county we reside for an accident he had 6 months previous to the current court date which we knew nothing about. He was never arrested, only received an accident report. Nothing was ever received in the mail as well. His PO wants to violate him, but is this possible? He knew nothing about the new warrant nor was it able to be found when his current attorney checked the database. Btw 2005 and current 2013, is this possible?
It's impossible to tell at this point. Is he being supervised out of the Bradenton probation office? If so then the PO...
13 years ago I hit a car damaging the bumper and taillight. Apparently there's a judgement for $14, 000 due to this accident. My license was and still is suspended because of this. Is there a way to fight this now or reach an agreement? I know I should have handled the matter then but since I did not are there any suggestions to help me so I can reinstate my license? That's a lot of money and I don't understand why the jugement is so high for such minor damages. Please help! Thanks in advance
You should absolutely get an attorney. I suggest that you use avvo to find a few - most will offer a free consultation....
Need Attorney only for a DMV admin. review. My current Attorney does not handle that situation but is handling everything else for me.
The administrative review process is very different from the criminal side of things. You are challenging whether the...
I was made to take the breathalyzer and I believe it was .216. Am I looking at 6 months in jail over this? Is jail a mandatory guideline? If I attend AA will that help me? If I go ahead and get the DUI class done before arraignment, will that help me?
First, go and hire a DUI attorney right now. Do not delay. Second, with a high blow (over .15) you are looking at...
If I violate my terms will they give me another bond amount? Or keep me there until my DUI case is complete? I am waiting on my arraignment date at this time. It would be for the use of marijuana before the arrest and first drug test.
You might want to rephrase your question. It is a little cryptic and you're going to have a tough time getting...