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He did not blow this time and denying whole thing as he usually does. Him and I are still married with a lifetime restraining order, Before order was put on him against me he signed a paper giving me one of the cars for life. Because he made me lose my brand new car all paid of. Well since this dui he called my cell and left a message he is taking it off the road because of his dui! When he got the order against him on me I became disabled and he has done more damage to my back because I was healing from fusion still because of several forms of abuse including physical. This caused me to lose my home of 30 yrs bought without him and by me.Since this incident he has not helped me one bit waiting on ssd and won distric court hearing in july ex taking car of road now and i need to see my dr'
There's no clear question here. What is it you're asking of the forum?
and drove his car off a bridge pretty fast (significant damage) with witness of seeing beer in hand and three cold ones in cooler, on top of officers smelling it on him, but he never blew. And now taking it to trial. What do you think his charges will be if found guilty and what will he be facing. He wants to to take my car off the road now because of this ti save himself money, is this legal and what can I also do to stop this, it is not right! Thank you, Carol Tuttle
There is no way of answering that question without more information such as who is the judge, the state, defense...
SO I am not eligible for a public defender because I CO-OWN a house but I am being told I need to come back with a Lawyer for a DUI pre-trial hearing. IS there any Lawyer in the area who will accept a payment arrangement? I have two kids and I am on my own. No credit cards or savings and need help! I am looking at jail time!
There are plenty of lawyers who offer payment plans. Be prepared to spend decent money on a good lawyer thought....
DUI Vehicular homicide
You are asking Florida lawyers this question. You need to ask lawyers in Georgia.
Got in a car accident 5 months ago where I woke up in the hospital. No dui was mentioned just received a ticket for careless driving. It was only my car involved in accident, no one else involved. Blood drawn was obviously done and a month ago I received post card in the mail that stated a warrant was out for my arrest. I turned myself in and had my first hearing today where it was mentioned I was getting 5 days of Jail and an enhanced fine for a high blow and car accident. (I did not do a breathalyzer so not sure why she said blow).
If you are convicted of DUI then probation is mandatory and jail would be in addition to probation (which will start...
I am a single mom of 2 and can't afford much of the fines, can I do more jail time in lieu of this possible on weekends to help out with the fines?
Some counties (but not all) still allow weekend jail. Have your attorney check with the judge or state. Good luck,
At some point last Thursday night I blacked out drunk at my friends and apparently decided to drive to my moms. Upon driving upto her house they said I must've passed out at the wheel and took out three mail boxes, a stop sign, and a palm tree. My truck was totaled and they found me lying in the driveway of my moms house covered in blood. I was rushed to the hospital in the ambulance and stayed over night. I woke up the next morning with my mom telling me what had occurred. I did not take a breathalyzer for obvious reasons. My mom does not know if they took my blood because when she got me the next morning there were two empty blood biles sitting next to me. But I do know that it's protocol when your involved in an accident that the hospital takes your blood. Should I get a lawyer?
You absolutely need a lawyer. The police may have retained a blood sample from the hospital an since this could be a...