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Florida DUI Hardship License - Special Supervision Services Program Question
I will be applying for the Special Supervision Services program to get my hardship license. Part of the application process is to disclose any physicians that I have seen in the past five years AND to sign a release so that the Special Supervision Services program can get a copy of my medical records from these physicians. Can I refuse to give them this information because of HIPAA, or will doing so automatically disqualify me from acceptance into the program?
If you refuse to provide the information and do not waive your privacy rights you more than likely will be disqualified...
If I complete DUI school with in 6 months but unable to complete alcohol treatment until after 6 month mark will it be VOP?
On probation for 1 year.
Unless your were told that yo MUST complete both with in the first six months it should not violate you.
Will the state attorney look for prior dui out of state when researching my case for a dui in got in FL
Florida DUI - 11.13.14 Out of State DUI - 2.8.2012 When getting my FL license I was asked if I have any DUI from another state and I said that I did.. is this in my driving record?
It depends. Some prosecutors get not only your Florida Driving record but also a copy of your NCIC/FCIC report. This...
Requirements to get my DL back in FL after a DUI with completed classed probation ect.?
This happened March of 2012 everything that was required was completed.
Have you contacted the Florida DMV? That might be a good place to start.
Can my landlord deny me a move in special based on misdemeanor DUI charges from back in 2006?
My fiancé and I moved into a new apartment about a month ago. The complex had advertised a move in special on their website that said: "Move in by August 15th and recieve your second month free." There was no other fine print on the page ANYWHERE saying "for tenants who qualify" or anything. All the sudden, the office manager is denying us the special based on a DUI charge that is over 8 years old! When we got our copies of the already signed lease, all the sudden we saw that they had hand written that we weren't getting the special bc of the background check. When we try to plead our case or describe how the promo was falsely advertised, the manager gets very rude. This situation seems shady & I feel like we are being cheated without a VALID reason. Is there anything we can do about this?
This is NOT a criminal defense question; It is either a "landlord-tenant" or a "real estate" question. If you want...
My ex was arrested in January for a 2nd DUI and quit his job. We share 50/50 time share of 2 children.
My ex was arrested in January 2014 for a 2nd DUI and quit his job, he has a wealthy family who "take care" of all of his financial responsibilities since his arrest there fore my ex will not look for work. The children have been doing with out medical coverage, child support, etc. The children have also stopped exercising 50/50 time share because my ex cannot transport them to school, activities, etc. I now drive them everywhere and pay for everything. I have shown kindness and patience since his arrest but the excuses as to why he is not getting any job possible have worn me down. Is there anything I can do at all? Enforcement? Contempt? Modification? can do many things and it all starts with your Final Judgment. If he is not working and living off of his...
I just got arrested for my second dui and 4th dwls its been 3- 4 years sense the last charges
I did get 30 months doc so I do have a bad back round and want to avoid going back! I did blow .22 and I have a bpo license when they pulled me over. what are my chances I have been home for a while have two jobs and I now have my six year old son back. I don't want to leave him again over my stupidity what can I do?
First thing you need to do, is stop driving. You don't want to pick up another case while this one is pending. Second...