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i only went to probatoin once i didnt do anything the judge ordered . i went to jail for a few days when he sentence. me. then i was picked up for not doing my community service and sat again. i had to move since and am no longer in michigan. i have missed a show cause hearing. how far can they come get me and can my charges change from misdemeanor?
Contact your attorney. David B. Snyder, Esq. 6876 Buckley Road Syracuse, NY 13212 315-451-3040 http://www....
I got my license suspended at age 18 from 2 DUIs both were under the legal limit but I was under age so I got the DUIs .. Since then I have gotten 3 driving on suspended (in the past 9 years) I moved to california a year and a half ago and cleaned up my life and now need my license to transport my daughter to and from school so I need to start the process. I also have a pending case that I never went to court for (driving on suspended) . I am trying to fill out the packet that the Secretary of State provides to apply to get my license back and it's asking for specific dates of my criminal history (I do not know specific dates) so I may need a criminal docate. Where do I even start?
Step one: order your 7-year driving record from the Michigan Sec of State (costs about $8). Step two: after you get...
I got pulled over last night I passed all the test they have you do when they try to make sure your not drunk but I refused to do the breathalyzer so they took me in. They had me blow in this big machine and got my alcohol level. I did have a few drinks and I let them know that my license are also suspended the only reason I was driving was because my friend whos car it was was drunker then me she hit something and I got scared because I was in a bad car accident so I told her let me drive the rest of the way home. Im in school I work and I was working towards getting my license back I actually only have a couple more tickets in Detroit to pay and ill have my license back. but they wrote me a ticket for DUI and Driving on suspended license I go to court Wednesday.
Anything is possible but a lawyer cannot properly assess your options based upon this limited version of the events....
I was driving several hours after drinking but was lost because I was out of state. I fell asleep at the wheel and totaled my car. No other people or cars were involved. I lost my driving privileges in Ohio but the Ohio Patrol said to contact a MI attorney to verify if I still had driving privileges in MI.
michigan and ohio sometime share information on driving records. what you should do is contact the secretary of state...
So, I'm on probation for a dui and I don't do drug tests. I never have the Marijuana smell on me and I missed a pbt this morning so I have to do an etg later on this afternoon. I'm from michigan. Will they conduct a 5 panel on top of an etg at the lab of ADAM'S office or is this just straight used for alcohol testing?
I can't predict what specific test will bemused by a lab technician in to to test a substance for THC.
I was arrested for a High BAC and possession charge but the prosecutor agreed to drop the possession charge and dropped the DUI to a OWI. I am out on bond and I was wondering if I'd have to drop at my sentencing. Thanks
Very high. The court will test you at sentencing and sometimes even as a one condition. Check with your lawyer who...
My husband was charged with 3rd owi and when we went to court his lawyer said they are trying to use a 9 year old conviction to give him more time for his crime. He did have some charges excutated from his record from MS Supreme Courts back in the 90's and they are trying to use that also to say his a hibutal offender so in MIchigan if you had charges from years ago and they were taken care of Michigan can use them again when your charged with a felony even if the charges are more than 10 years old?
For habitual purposes, the government can use any felony convictions no matter how old they are. There is no limitation.