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Do I still have a chance of obtaining a restricted license?
I was on probation for a previous dui. I went to all my classes and have kept to all court orders. I would have been getting off of probation this June. Unfortunately, I was caught in a horrible situation one night which caused me to flee and I violated my probation. I have now been charged with another dui. I have already enrolled into my classes and have the IID installed in my vehicle. I received a letter from DMV stating that I would be eligible for a restricted license come may but when I spoke to the Dmv on the phone they said I would not be eligible for another year. Please help. I am attending college and I work full time. Will I be able to obtain a restricted license?
The unfortunate circumstance is that since ypu were still on probation for a dui . With a dac of 01 or greater thr dmv...
I got a DUI in March 2014. And it has been a year. Can I apply DUI expunge? I completed every court ordered.
My conviction date is May 8th. 2014. When can I apply or start to get expungement?
If it's a 1st time Dui, you have a 3 year probation period. Most judge will not expunge any DUI before probation is...
What can a lawyer do for me 2nd DUI within 10 years and prior DV?
I was pulled over @11:30pm 3/8/15. This will be my 2nd DUI. The first one was over 3 years ago. So I am not on probation from the DUI, but i am on probation from a DV. The DV occurred approximately 1yr ago. It was reduced to a vandalism, but I am still in a 52 week DVRP. I was pulled over for speeding. Supposedly 90mph from one on ramp to the off ramp. I stated i was approximately driving 65mph. I admitted to one beer. Field sobriety test (I believe i failed.) and Breathalyzer on field (I believe .17) three blows. Breathalyzer at station was .13 with three blows. Booked and bailed out. Didn't mention any details about the situation over the phone with bail bonds.
Well, firstly there are 4 potential dismissal issues we investigate to determine whether there are any foundational...
I received a misdemeanor DUI December, 2013. I was sentenced for 5 years unsupervised probation. I was found guilty in march.
Ive been wanting to join the military way before this DUI occurred. It will be 1 year and 6 months in june since my DUI. my classes, AA, MADD programs are all complete (this is my first offense) and I shall have my fine and property damage paid off by june as well. do you think theyd terminate my unsupervised probation to finally enlist into the military? Ive been going to college and majoring in Admin of Justice and also taking my GE's. 4.0 I have accumulated. what do you guys think? this is "NOT AN EXCUSE" to get out of my unsupervised probation. I love my country and wish to serve. Thank you.
Sounds like you would have a very good argument that it would be in the interest of justice to terminate your probation...
If a DMV record says you are charged with a conviction of Vehicle Code 23103a, does that mean you have a DUI on your record?
The record lists Driver License restriction effective as of 03-07-12, says order mailed 03-14-12, and then says REASON: "Excessive Blood Alcohol Level". It then says ACTION ENDED 03-07-15. It then lists CONVICTIONS and says: "VIOL/DT CONV/DT SEC/VIOL DKT/NO DISP COURT VEH/LIC" 12-04-11 06-14-12 23103A VC. Also does that mean some sort of probation ended yesterday? Thank you in advance.
If you were convicted of a wet, and not a DUI, then you should not have a DUI (VC 23152) on your record. The "...
Can I dispute a DMV report to clear a DUI charge from 1/6/12 from which my case was dismissed in criminal court?
I don't believe I ever requested a DMV trial. I had my case dismissed prior to trial (on the criminal side), but it appears I may not have fought the DMV or lost. Can I go back and appeal, or still fight to get rid of this on my DMV record?
NO. Sorry for you. Your DMV record is forever. You didn't fight the DMV case and you lost almost three years ago. You...
I had a DUI case dismissed before trial, yet today find out it is showing on my DMV report. How can I have that record removed?
My DUI case was dismissed before trial. That day I had no intent of driving, but ran to my car while being jumped only breaking the law to remove myself from the greater harm (getting beat to death). I flee 4 attackers to get in my car and drive 50 feet before the officer watching decides to book me on DUI. I blow .112 ............... I got denied a driving job for Lyft because my "record" did not meet saftey standards which was news to me as I have zero points on my license. I receive a copy of my DMV report (via american driving records) which shows AVd2 code CB08 , Driving under the influence of alcohol. ((and a second violation code EA02 talking on cell phone)) WHY IS THIS ON MY DMV REPORT?? I don't have a DUI, and my case was Dismissed. Is there any way to fix this??? HELP!
Typically when someone is arrested for a DUI there are is both a criminal proceeding and a DMV administrative...