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Pulled over for equipment violation, blew a 0.08, can't afford lawyer. I need my license for work and to drive to do errands for elderly family members.
Even if you are not eligible for legal aid or assistance, you still have the right to a hardship license and thirty...
Someone told me that was how their case was wrapped up.
Not in any county I know of. The best offer you can get from a DWI is a violation driving while ability impaired.
Before she moves on to another lawyer, I told her I would ask you guys. She young (35) but in Her younger days she got a couple DWIs . She was told she was to lose her license until early 2013. So she went to get reinstated and they said the law changed in 2012 during her suspended or revoked time and she would have to do 5 MORE years. Now, my brother and her just had a baby and he works out of town. The baby and her both have Dr. appointments. Her lawyer keeps saying she will be fine but there seems to be a problem with those people who got caught in that vortex. Albany is handling it I think. Should she try a new lawyer or do the 10 yrs? BTW, my brother will pay whatever it takes to get this fixed, in case anyone is interested. Thanks! You all have helped me alot in the past.
This is a criminal law question, not a family law question.
My friend was arrested for drunk driving/dwi, but did not take breath test. I dont understand how she can be charged with dwi if the cops cant prove she had alcohol in her body with a breath test--is this legal?
The answer is yes. The police do not need a chemical test in order to arrest someone for drunk driving. Your friend is...
Is it different name for same thing?
A hardship license and a conditional license are different. Both are a restricted driving privilege; however, there are...
Have a citation
It's difficult to say with what little you've said. However, generally, if you have been convicted of DWI (alcohol),...
My brother in law is 33 and just got his 4th DWI. He blew on the street but didn't at the station(he says he knew not to since non admissible in court), he had his wife(my sister) and their one year old daughter in the back seat. He blew a .17 on the sister says w the best most expensive lawyer he's gonna get off the hook once again! This angers me and I want him locked up.could have killed my sister and neice and family just pays now 10k for a lawyer he will never learn! With this little info can u tell if he will get out of this? My sisters blind to see this is a dangerous situation to stay in!!
This question is not about criminal defense and seems to be a rant on your part about criminal defense attorneys. You...