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  • Denville man steals purse from Rock Ridge area garage

    Tuesday Dec 30 | via 

    Denville Police received information from an informant regarding a recent investigation involving the burglary of a Rock Ridge area resident's garage and car on Tuesday, Dec. 16. During the burglary, the alleged suspect, Robert B. Goldberg, 25, of Denville, stole the resident's purse and used her credit card on numerous occasions. Acting on the information, officers identified the suspect and determined that he was renting a room in a residence in the same area in which he had committed the crime.


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I was charged for DUI on 05/04/2013 in Racine, Wisconsin. I have pleaded guilty and the case is closed now. However the court has provided me an 12 month IID installation requirement. So, my question is if I drive in New Jersey, do I still need to install IID on all the vehicles that I drive?
It's unclear from your question whether you carry a license from the state of Wisconsin, New Jersey, or another state....
This was my first dui, which after reading the statue it allows what i call a get out of jail free card for a first suspended driver conviction during your first dwi conviction's suspension period. Now this is where it gets fuzzy and not one lawyer I know has the answer to and its in the middle of a motion to dismiss. I plead guilty to a 'unrelated' suspended driving ticket during my dui suspension which happened obviously before i was suspended for my first dwi. Does this count as that first chance 'get out of jail free card' as I call it?
A suspended driving offense is a suspended driving offense. On the second one, a few days of jail time is required. Yes,...
In nj I was arrested for driving suspended on a dui suspension 4th degree felony... the original suspension was suppose to expire in june... I was pulled over in August but I didn't pay my restoration fee, am I guilty? Or is it now a administrative suspension?
This is not your first rodeo. You KNOW you need a lawyer for this, so get one and deal with it.
June 2013 I was pulled over for driving suspended failure to pay surcharges! December 2013 I plead guilty to my 1st dwi- refusal. 7 month loss of license. In March of 2014 i plead guilty to the june 2013 suspended driving(failure to pay surcharges) August 2014 i was stopped and arrested for a 4th degree felony driving suspended on a dwi suspension. 1st argument is that I did not pay the restoration fee but the suspension would of expired if I did 2nd argument is that although i plead guilty to the suspended in march,that was unrelated to any dwi, the prosecutor is using that unrelated 3-40 against me by saying that is still considered the first suspended during my first dwi suspension and now makes the new stop in august my 2nd 3-40 which would be a felony. is this a felony?
There is a wrinkle in the Statute 2C:40-26. I have never seen or heard of this scenario. The Statute proscribes driving...
hello, I'm 17 years old and live in new jersey. I recently got into a car accident and do not have a license. moreover, the car is 100% unfixable and I drove into the state fence. after the accident, they took me to the hospital and took an urine test and I failed because I smoked week that week. furthermore, the policeman gave me 2 tickets, one for careless driving and the other one for not having a license.
Hire a lawyer. You need to look at the tickets to see what charges are against you. If they are just traffic...
Is it possible to obtain drivers license when I am waiting for court appearance for driving with expired license . Do the DMV will issue the license or will reject my request
If you haven't been convicted by the Court for driving with an expired license, DMV shouldn't have a problem renewing it.
Also,,how long will he lose his license for? We had been out for lunch 1:30; he had three glasses of wine; we left at 4:30. Later that evening he went to play in a poker tournament only had club soda. Got arrested around 10:30 pm outside our home. Someone said he drove erratically and followed him home and called the police. The police say he blew a .07. He is a diabetic.
Because he has three prior convictions, he is facing sentencing (IF HE IS CONVICTED) as a 3rd statutory offender...