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will show up when I fill our application. Can you help me?
This criminal history information could possibly show up on a background check performed by your grandson's school...
My brother was charged with DUI first offense, on Friday night. He took the sobriety field test, and he passed it but the officer still arrested him because "he reeked of alcohol" and the officer could "smell it all over his breath". He did not take a breathalyzier. Can he get this dropped since, he passed the sobriety test.
Unfortunately, the State Attorney's Office does not just drop DUIs. Your brother needs to consider retaining a...
I was passenger and did have drinks, but said I would take a cab home. Cops said I was being taken in for the protection of myself or others. I was cuffed and brought to jail. When I got verbally angry at the station because they brought me there, they beat me. I was released in the morning. No arrest was ever made. I did make a complaint on the beating, How long do they have to investigate that?
No, it is not legal. There was no legal basis for your detention, especially if you indicated no intention to operate...
i was picking up my friend from the bar because he could not drive. i got tagged for erratic driving. i could understand why because my meds were wearing off and i have severe ADHD. i saw the police report and it was purely subjective evidence, and no video evidence was used, other than me going to jail. he also clocked my speed by using the pacing method. the alcohol smell he noted was actually coming from my friend. is there a good chance my case will get thrown out?
Your best chance if getting the case reduced or dropped is to hire a local lawyer to help you. Good luck,
Hi, I live in Texas, and was convicted of a 4th DWI (1st felony) about a year and a half ago. I was sentenced to 5 years felony probation. I've already completed many requirements of my probation including a year of DWI court and a victim impact course. For business purposes, I will be transferring my probation to Fort Myers, FL in about a year. How militant is the probation department there? Will I be required to perform constant UA tests (as is the case in Texas)? Also, I would like to be able to travel out of state, and also out of the country (my wife lives in Europe)? Would FL work with me on this? Last, would it be possible to terminate my probation early in FL (this isn't possible in Texas) after a certain period time with good behavior? And if not, get on mail in probation? Thanks
In FL you can be UA'd every single day of your probationary period. Doing so is almost unheard of, but remains legally...
Can you be charged as a HTO if charged with: -a reckless driving that was reduced from a DUI (2010) -DUI (2013) - driving with license suspended (2014 in process) Unaware that his license was suspended and the probation was still in effect because he didn't finish the court ordered classes yet for the DUI charge even though he paid all fines and the 6 month period of license suspension was over, he got arrested for driving while license is suspended and VOP. Does his record considering the reckless driving make him a HTO? Also, what penalties is he looking at facing for the the new charge as well as the VOP charge? He's currently being held since 6/7 no bond until his trials on 6/23 for both the license charge and the VOP hearing.
Time to get an attorney. He is not a habitual traffic offender. Reckless driving does not count towards the habitual...
He was previously advised to ask the court to put him into an alcohol program, but has heard that would mean he will be automatically incarcerated for 6 months. On the other hand, he could get up to 2 years for probation violation.
Given the serious consequences, get a free consultation with an experienced attorney.