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Charged with DUI first offense
My brother was charged with DUI first offense, on Friday night. He took the sobriety field test, and he passed it but the officer still arrested him because "he reeked of alcohol" and the officer could "smell it all over his breath". He did not take a breathalyzier. Can he get this dropped since, he passed the sobriety test.
Unfortunately, the State Attorney's Office does not just drop DUIs. Your brother needs to consider retaining a...
My friend was arrested for dui and I was cuffed and jailed overnight to protect myself or others. Is this legal?
I was passenger and did have drinks, but said I would take a cab home. Cops said I was being taken in for the protection of myself or others. I was cuffed and brought to jail. When I got verbally angry at the station because they brought me there, they beat me. I was released in the morning. No arrest was ever made. I did make a complaint on the beating, How long do they have to investigate that?
No, it is not legal. There was no legal basis for your detention, especially if you indicated no intention to operate...
Moving to FL from Texas - will Florida count all my priors in TX against me?
Hi, I have 4 DWI's. 1st (misdemeanor) in 1997. Second (misdemeanor) in 2000. Third (misdemeanor) in 2004. And 4th (felony, currently serving 5 yrs probation) in 2011. Hypothetically speaking, lets say I caught a 5th in FL at some point in the future...would FL treat it as a 5th, or would some of my prior DWI's not be counted against me? Thanks.
They would all count, assuming the State could find adequate proof of the prior offenses (court documents, driver's...
Pulled over and got my lisence taken. Got it reinstated the next day told that everything was good and got pulled over again...
Pulled over for insurance lapse. Payed it that night and went to dmv the next morning. Showed them my insurance was immediately reinstated, payed the fines at the dmv and they issued me a new lisence. New picture aND all. I was told that the ticket was waived because I had prof of my insurance immediately being reinstated. I got pulled over about a month later for driving with a ticket for not having insurance. I tried to explain to the officer aND he was a real piece of work. Threatened to take me to jail for knowing about the ticket. I paid the ticket the next day and was given a court date to fight it or potentially surrendering my lisence and tags. Any advice because I feel like I wasn't given correct info. When I paid the ticket they even offered to waive it again with ins.
You should not have peid either ticket. You should have asked for a hearing. Now you have at least two adjudications...
Can I do jail time in Fl for a Utah DUI charge? The prosecutor "deal" is 1 yr prob, 1500 fine and 168 hrs community service.
I live in florida, had my attorney go to the court date which made the prosecutor mad since I was not there. explained I have no job/no $, living with my sister. if I turned myself in to Florida could I do my mandatory 10 days from UT and would it eliminate the 1 yr probation and the community service? I have no way to go to Utah.
You could do jail time to satisfy the DUI but unfortunately you will have to do the time in Utah.
Should I obtain a lawyer if i can not pay for my probation fees and dui class?
I am due to pay my probation fee's and attend DUI class by January 3 but i do not have the money. Is there a way to get an extension or avoid a V.O.P
Does your probation officer know about your financial situation? Have you asked for a supervision fee waiver? Have you...
How much time in county would I get approximately for a F.Tt.A and a Reckless driving charge?
To make a short story shorter, it was the 11th of Feb, I was targeted by a Cop, and finally stopped, he claimed he saw me driving eratically, that was false but my license had been expired for about a month at that point. Anyways after creating a scene claiming he had smelled marijuana eminating from my vehicle and after sometime of him and hzis 8 other sheriff buddies appeared and ransacked my car and found nothing he instead fell back and had me charged for reckless driving/expired license etc. Well a few months ago I missed a court date. Now I have a warrant out for me on the F.T.A. So three charges I had actually been able to pay off 95% of my fines before this occured. So in the monetary sense I really dont owe much at all.
A reckless driving is a misdemeanor as is the failure to appear. You can avoid the warrant by getting an attorney to...