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I blew .007 and .007, but I failed the sobriety tests of touching my nose one the 1 legged stand.
I do have degenerative disk disease and arthritis in my left hip, making these tests hard for me.
You didn't really ask a question. First, you shouldn't discuss your facts online as they are not protected by A/C...
In Florida, if you are a passenger in a car, driver not wearing seat belt and an empty beer bottle is in back seat
WIn the state of Florida, if you are a passenger in a car that has been pulled over for driver not wearing seat belt and an empty beer bottle is in the back seat, can you be held in jail over night? and, also, put on probation for three months? and given 10 hours of community service? and ordered to pay almost $500 in fees (not counting the drug test during the probation months)? All this without being read their rights until the next morning by the judge himself....All this and REFUSING to give the two young men a breathalyzer test after they requested it, both at the time of 'arrest' and the next morning? By the way, the passenger does not even have a court date. I am livid and would appreciate some clarification on this matter! ps The driver was driving with suspended license.
The answer is yes. Being read your rights is not relevant, unless they are trying to use statements the person made to...
Can i get early termination of probation if i completed all court orders but i'm still paying restitution.
I am on 15 yrs probation for DUI serious bodily injury .I have been paying $1000 a month restitution for the past 52 months.I would like to know what are my chances of getting an early termination since i completed my court ordered orders?
I would have to say, No. The length of your probation indicates either a prior criminal history or there was very...
Speeding Ticket on a Military Base
I have a 13 year clean driving record. This is my first ticket. I know I was not speeding and what to contest this in court. My ticket is for $75 for driving: "unlawful speed at 27 mph in a posted 15 mph zone. The offense charged is F.S.S 316.187. I want to know if I will get points on my license and what does this F.S.S. 316.187 code mean? The officer said he clocked me on a radar. Where can I found that information on the ticket? Also, will I have a chance getting this ticket dismissed in court? Thanks!
316.187 is the statute you are accused of violating. In this case, speeding. You could get points on your license....
Lake County Misdemeanor DUI Probation to begin soon. What type of alcohol Tests are performed? Civil Liberties Violated?
What common alcohol tests are performed by Lake County Florida Probation: Breath? Standard Urine Panel? ETG Urine? Blood? Hair? I have been granted a Special Condition of "Must not Consume or Possess Alcohol during Probation" It has been three months since the 'incident' and I have not had a drop of alcohol, which is not uncommon, drinking is not a priority of mine. The reason for the Alcohol Testing questions is because "I'm a Gosh* darn* American, and if I want to have a couple beers on a Friday night, that's my right" Though to avoid violation of Probation, and to please the local court, I will obey. Thank you for any education you can provide! "Civil liberties are personal guarantees and freedoms that the government cannot abridge, either by law or by judicial interpretation"
Thanks for your comment. We all cherish our liberty and it bothers us all when our liberties are taken away, especially...
What type of motion do I need to file to request a reduction of time ordered to a interlock device on my second dui conviction?
I want to file a motion with my sentencing judge requesting that he reduce the two year interlock device requirement he ordered me to, down to the statutory minimum of one year. I was sentenced on November 8, 2012 and successfully completed probation on January 23, 2014. What type of motion do I need to file for this request? Would it be a motion to modify sentence or motion for sentence reduction or something else?
Judges do not usually change their minds like this. What you need to do is go see a seasoned criminal defense attorney...
Florida statutory minimum for interlock device for second dui conviction within 5-years?
What is the Florida statutory minimum for interlock device for second dui conviction within 5-years? On my first dui conviction, I took the breathalyzer and blew .000 BUT refused to do a urinalysis test at the jail. On my second dui conviction, I blew a .000 BUT refused to do a urinalysis test at the jail (again). Therefore, I was also convicted of refusal to submit to a chemical test. Both dui convictions and refusal to submit to a chemical test were within 5-years of each other. Given the listed circumstances, what is the statutory MINIMUM interlock requirement that a judge can legally impose?
The statutory minimum for an interlock device on a 2nd within 5 DUI is one year.