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I'm a permanent resident. I got caught for dui and 9grams Marijuana while my license was suspended. Can I be deported
I refused to take the bread and blood test but they still charge me the dui because I had an open beer case and Marijuana in the license was suspended 4 months ago for too many traffic violations.this my first dui. What can happen in court. Pls help thx
I think if you have two crimes involving mortal turpitude you are in danger. I would contact a lawyer who knows both...
Will my RDP be revoked for failing 2 separate blows on the BAIID?
I was granted a RDP about 8 months ago now and in that time I failed a blow on 2 separate occasions. The first time was actually due to drinking the night before- i thought i had allowed enough time to clear everything from my system but it hadn't, the 2nd time was a false reading due to medication i had just taken and I was able to re-test and pass in a short amount of time. Both were about 4 months ago now. I did not receive any kind of letter from the SOS. I am not on probation at all this is only a concern with the SOS. When I go for renewal if I explain truthfully, what are the chances they will not renew my RDP for another year ? (I still have several years remaining before i am eligible for full reinstatement)
Here is how to fail the BAIID. 5 attempts above 0.025 per day, 10 attempts above 0.025 a month, or any attempt over 0....
Do I need to appear in court for my termination date?
Was sentenced to 2 years probation for DUI, 2 years will be over later this month but court form only shows term date. Do I need to appear before the court or will the probation terminate automatically? If I do have to appear what is the procedure? I have completed all terms, paid all fees and have had no violations in the 2 years.
Appear You may also hire an attorney and appear as well.
Is there any way i can get a restricted drivers license in illinois while i try paying off my civil judgements
I'm trying to get my driver license back or restricted driver license to get back and for to work but I have these civil judgements against me and I'm trying to work with creditors but get no head way.
You have a safety responsibility suspension(s). If the creditors will note accept a payment plan, you may need to file...
I trying to get my License back after an dui/accident in calumet city ill. this happen in 2003 and i was sued and own tickets
I was sued for 2,071, 9,615.78, and about 4,000 in parking tickets in Lynwood and looking for any help don't make a lot of money I'm also a veteran.
Unless you can settle these matters with the people that you owe, then you will not be able to drive.
1st dui in Ill, possession of drug paraphernalia, attorney says enter guilty plea, can likely get supv. Is this a good strategy?
No criminal background, pulled over for speeding (67 in 30). I pulled over in gas station. Told to exit vehicle, I did so. Escorted to back of my car. Officer enters my car and in the console there was small amount of weed and a pipe. Officer informed me that I was under arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. Performed field sobriety tests at the police station. I advised the officer prior to the tests that I have nerve damage in my foot, he said that's ok. Performed and failed. When performing the breathalyzer the officer said I didn't blow enough and a 2nd performed. During the 2nd test officer kept chanting, "keep blowing, keep blowing." Police report inconsistent, states I was arrested for speeding. Atty said case has a lot of technicalities, yet he's not acting on them.
A plea is simply that. If you dispute the nature of your stop or whether you were legally under the influence, you can...
Standard DUI procedure for lawyers?
when an attorney has a first time misdemeanor DUI client, what does the lawyer do from the time hes hired to the first court date? make discoveries? make formal requests for police evidence? does alot happen prior to the first court date other then the need to make a request to rescind the summary suspension?
At the time of hiring the lawyer the client and lawyer should discuss the probable plea bargain available, the...