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Can I obtain a driver's license in Texas when my New York license is suspended because of a DWI?
I have a friend that lives in Texas and I would like to relocate to Texas. I just received a AOS degree in HVAC and am certified. There are plenty of jobs for this in Texas and I would need a license to pursue this field of expertise.
Not until you clear the suspension in New York. All 50 states honor each other's driver's license suspensions.
My friend got a dwi in december 2012 his lawyer said that speedy trial my not work why is that he is just now going for trial
his lawyer said it don't look like speedy trial will work it has almost 2 years he said he would try for that but it don't look good
No lawyer can answer your question without knowing the reason for each adjournment in the case.
In new York state, is underage drinking a misdemeanor ? If not what charge is it?
In GA it is a misdemeanor for underage drinking. That's what I was told.
It is not a misdemeanor, it is governed by NY's Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. You may be summoned to court, but not...
I have a warrant in FL. How long does it stay on me until it's expired? 7yrs? It's a DUI MISDEMEANOR
I have a misdemeanor warrant in FL from 2007. When will it max out or expire?
I doubt it ever expires. Re-post your question on the Florida Avvo page.
Dates for refusal hearings for 2014
what are the dates for refusal hearings for oneida county march, 2014
Call the clerk of the court (village, town or city court if its a misdemeanor DWI) where the charge is pending. When...
What are the penalties for failure on intoalock startup?
I am on felony probation for aggravated DWI. I have had an intoxalock IID in my car for almost 3 months. I know no one will believe I wasn't drinking so I would like to know the penalty for failling a startup sample and then another a few minutes later, causing the car to go into lockout. I thoughy my car was then rendered undrivable, but remembered the repair shop driving it around in lockout when I had them put a new clutch in, so I tried to see if it would let me blow into the device again and it did, I passed but this was like over an hour later. I have to see my probation officer Monday anyway, is he going to already know this happened? I am going to tell him anyway, but I was just wondering if CST has already reported it.
You can be violated on your probation and then re-sentenced up to the maximum jail sentence to the crime you were...
I have 2 outstanding dwi/dui fines that have not been paid yet and are about 7 years old, what should my coarse of action be?
also if i attempt to make pmt now, is it possible i would have jail time for not paying? also i wanted to add after all this time could there still be a warrant issued?
Contact an attorney and make arrangements to pay the fines. Yes there could be a warrant but an attorney needs a lot...