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I have 2 dui's last one in 98. I tried once by myself that didn't go well. And then again about 9 yrs ago with an atty that didn't have all paperwork together.
It sounds like you had one hearing and the one 9 years ago was scrubbed because you didn't have your paperwork in order....
He went before a judge and bond was set at $3000 but he has an immigration hold on him. He is father to my 3 children and provider for our family. what will happen to him?
Your boyfriend needs an attonrey who is familiar with DUI defense and possibly immigration law.
Received tickets in IL 1 week prior to moving to TN. I was able to obtain a TN license before anything was on my driving record. I've been to court and received court supervision on both counts in IL. Currently serving statutory suspension and Waiting on Sec. Of State to issue sentence of tickets. Can I drive on my TN license?
While she was trying to bypass an area that was flooded we got stuck in the mud. I then tried to help because I am more familiar with that type of thing and ended up only getting us deeper in the mud. I was never actually on the public road with the car, it was in field. I only moved the vehicle maybe a total of 100 feet. In the end when the police arrived I said I had been driving thinking they meant who had got the car stuck out in the field and not who was driving before. Anyway, I ended up with a dui, and did not submit to breath testing because i didn't know what to do and if i'd still be charged anyway. 1. what are the rules about private property and dui's in my case? 2. if we didn't mention her driving but bring it up later what will happen? Thank you.
Actually driving the vehicle on a public road is NOT an element the state needs to prove on the DUI charge; they only...
18 years old owe 1900 in fines got dui illegal consumption by a minor blew a .082
The same as in any state, the answer is it depends. It depends on the judge, their mood on a given day, the reason...
I owe 2300.00 by September and am very worried . I am a single parent. No family to help.
Try to make some sort of small payment. Then get your case on calendar and tell the judge you're unemployed and that...
I had several d.u.i's about 17 years ago (were all wrapped in one case load).I recently got a d.u.i (didn't blow).I have been told this should be considered my "first" d.u.i. since the others were so long ago,but my attorney hasn't said a thing about this.Any information is appreciated.Thank you.
Any DUI in your lifetime counts for criminal purposes, no matter how long ago. Thus you are a second offender for...