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Are minors who get a DUI ever granted a work/school permit to drive?
My daughter is 17 and got a DUI. Have not gone to court yet.
Depending on the results of their test and number of priors she may may be entitled to a limited license. The better...
I have 3 dwi's have 2 sit 90 days in jail have a job started counceling have a 15 year old @home can I get anckl braclet lntead?
Met with dwi court agent did assesment they said I did not qualify for that program so thing s changed 4 me. Nstead of sittig 30 cause I didn't qualify I would be away from my son longer. I am a single parent can I get the ankle braclt instead of jail. Pleas help my public defender not helping me before court. I live in bemidji ,mn.
The facts provided are unclear as to whether you have already struck a deal w/the pros. or not. If you have, they may...
Should I fight this
Police were called about a fight to which there wasent one two counties over and 45 mile away I crossed into the county I live in and was pulled over right away by 4 police cars and told to step ot arrested for DWI then told that the call in a different county said something about a fight,no questions ask of I or the passenger to which was in a verbal argueement at the bar. They gave my plate and that was the reason for the stop.
Yes, it sounds like there are several issues with your case. You need to find a criminal defense attorney in your area...
I was at a party when some undercover cops came. I wasn't running and I had no alcohol on me.
I have no prior tickets and I was cooperative. It's just a minor consumption, but I asked to when the breathalyzer was serviced because my number was so high. The cops would not give me the service date, only a "guarantee." The one cop said I was trying to run, but I couldn't tell he was a cop until he told me to stop. Is there anyway to get this ticket dropped? If not, what's the worse to be expected considering when I get to court I'll be 21 already.
In Minnesota, police cannot demand a person blow into a PBT where the situation is unrelated to driving or firearms....
Undercover police came and they made me blew and wouldn't tell me the last time the breathalyzer was checked.
I have no previous tickets of any sort. I was completely cooperative and didn't have any alcohol on me. The cops were undercover so the one was trying to say I was fleeing but I couldn't tell he was a cop.
Much more information would be necessary to review your case. Certainly, if you are charged with fleeing in a motor...
I got arrested for 3rd degree dui. and i hade a no drink order and i got caught for open container.
i missed my court date. now im just too worried to turn my self in they have warrant court on fridays what sould i do? my dui was back in 2005 and in 2007 is when i got caught for the open container just worried about my job and my family
You should turn yourself in. The maximum bail that they can set in the matter, as you have described is $12,000. The...
Am I able to request supervised visitations after my children's mother gets a DUI?
I have full physical custody of my 6 and 7 year old daughters, and we have reasonable and liberal visitation set up with their mother. I have given her visitation with the kids every Friday-Sunday (every 2 weeks), every other holiday, and a couple steady weeks in the summer, similar to MN guidelines for average visitation. She got a DUI while bringing them back home from her last visitation, and i had to go get the girls from the police. After picking the girls up, they explained that they had also spent all day home alone, while she was at the neighbors house. Would it be wise to request supervised visitation from now on? This is not her only indiscretion, and any advice would be helpful...
I think that sounds reasonable. She has endangered the lives of her children.