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Not sure what you are asking. Any conviction or ARD disposition for a dui within the past 10 years counts as a prior...
On a criminal background check the it states "first offense"
Yes, FBI checks tend to reveal every inquiry even when arrest was voided or an acquittal was obtained.
I recently received a DUI and according the rules forced to tell my work place. At the time of incident the cop told me that if i didnt get papers in a month to email him and remind him because he was busy, my work has put me on leave until they receive a citation or report so they can conduct their investigation. Something tells me I shouldnt go poking around forcing police to write this and proceed but my work is demanding paperwork. what should i do?
Sounds like there has been no cased filed on you yet, so there's no paperwork to demand. Contact a local DUI lawyer...
I saw that they offer AHSS online for some counties, is Allegheny included in that or do the classes have to be in person?
Go to - that site should tell you whether Allegheny county offers online AHSS. Or check with...
Stopped following an officer's observation of a non-signaled right turn on red, then a not following traffic device (ran a yellow/red). Officer questioned drinking, I responded "yes moderately", proceeded to ask me from the car, I declined the FSB, politely stating I prefer not to. Taken into station, after extended wait, had blood drawn for testing alcohol content. Ultimately released to a friend. Received a Preliminary Hearing by Summons letter, the officer's observation is summarized as above, additionally asserting glassy eyes, alcohol on my person, slurring, stumbling -all of which are inaccurate- WRT the prelim hearing, what expectations should I have? What is advised prior to attending? Get Representation? Is no-prima facie possible If my blood is legal BAC, as i anticipate?
I would if I were you because there are too many legal issues that have to be ironed out.
I've attempted to "google" how alcohol testing works in custody issues, but the results that come up aren't informative. My husband drinks 1-2 bottles of wine per night. He falls over and cries when drunk and has made embarrassing scenes at parties. He doesn't use other drugs other than weed (3-4 times per year). It's legal to drink alcohol, so can it be limited? Can AA or counseling be mandated? What kind of testing would be done? Who would pay for it? How often? I am really only interested in alcohol since I've seen it destroy him.
I have redirected this to the family law section. Hopefully, you can get some answers there.
My husband was found unresponsive sitting in our van at the stop sign across the street from our home; the van was running at the time. A female neighbor informed me that he had been sitting there for awhile, I called 911 to report him. Prior to cops arriving, I witnessed a male neighbor turn the van off and remove the keys. The cop arrived, husband didn't respond, and was taken to hospital. Responding officer called me later this night for additional info., and let me know she was charging him with DUI and that he would get paperwork in mail. His BAC was .5. Just a couple of days ago, she said that she was trying to find a witness so she could charge him. She said she went door to door and no one knew nothing. I gave her the names of both neighbors. Does she need a witness?
If he was passed out and in a car that was not running and the keys were no where to be found when the police arrived,...