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A drunk driver rear ended me , the vehicle he was driving was not his own and was only covered by liability. My brother and I suffered extreme injuries and Ive been told liability will only cover minimally for medical bills . At the risk of sounding selfish, will I get anything for pain and suffering? Ive never dealt with this before, and to be honest Im frustrated about this whole thing. They money I received for my truck went to bills and living expenses, and im still suffering pain and still without a vehicle.. thank you in advance for your time in answering this .. A lil note: My medical bills exceed the liability coverage :(
In addition to the policy limits, you should call the DA and demand restitution. If you have UIM coverage on your own...
I had been drinking earlier but then had an allergic reaction to a food allergy and took benadryl to counteract the reaction. I ended up loosing consciousness and getting in an accident. I was taken to the hospital before any questioning. I was asked if I wanted a blood test drawn and I refused. They suspended my license and left me with just a ticket of DWI 1st that I received once I was dismissed from the E.R.. On my blood test refusal form it says I refused the test but was unable to sign the document? Around that same time I was able to use a cell phone and call my parents so I don't know why I was "unable" to sign the form. Can my medical blood test be used against me in court? Was I legally arrested and or arrested at all? Should I try and fight the case?
This is not a defective products case. It is a Criminal Defense question. I'll fix the practice area for you.
i move to la 9 yrs ago and have completely changed my life . Bought house so im not going back to IL .The laws in la call only for a two yr suspencion for fourth offense.and my licence wasnt revoked in IL till after i moved.that blocked is stopping me from getting one here now
Unfortunately, at the time of the last conviction for DUI, you were an IL driver's license holder and after 4 DUI...
to the Lousiana DMV to renew license. Colorado has me on problem driver list. I sent a letter to Gunnison County Court asking them to put me on docket and requesting a phone court date. I discovered on their docket that I go for arraignment on 7/2. But i haven't been offically notified. Do I assume they are agreeing to the phone appearance?
Never assume anything. Contact a lawyer to disucss your options and at the very least contact the court clerk to...
I got into a problem 8 years ago in Missouri  Stayed there 8 months they never came to arrest me Then in 2007 the public defender office said there was no charges But this past Sunday my ex-wife was arrested because of this matter say there is a felony flight warrant on me and her My only income is ssi disability
You need to hire an attorney in Missouri to look into the warrants. If there is one, you will have to go to Missouri to...
No results matched your search for On July 12, 2012 I was convicted of 1st offense DWI in the state of Louisiana. At the time of arrest had a valid North Carolina drivers license which was taken at the time of arrest by the state trooper. I hired a local attorney and won the appeal and called North Carolina to get my license shipped here and that was no problem. After a year of going through the court process I was convicted but the judge did not suspend my license. This was good, so I went to the DMV in Shrevport, LA where I now live to trade in my NC license for a Louisiana license. I had no issues with the recent conviction and was issued a valid Louisiana license. Today, 7/26/12, I went again to the DMV to check purchase my driving record and totally clear. Is is just to soon as the pr
Although you were probably advised that a conviction for DWI would result in the suspension of your driving privilleges,...
Walking, tripped and fell, arrested for Drunk In Public , booked into jail, 24 hours in jail, bonded out, complete cooperation with the officers, first offense, never been in trouble before, no harm to property, no damage to anything or anyone except for a scratch on my elbow from falling into the side of a building, no other charges. just walking along minding my own business, trying to return to my hotel.
Unless you are completely familiar with criminal law, etc, I would suggest you retain a lawyer for your arraignment, or,...