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I have a MD license and was charged in June with a DUI in Washington DC. I was 18 at the time. My driving record is completely clean without points or tickets. I plead guilty in January 2014 and was told that after a 6 month probation period the DUI would not appear on my record. Instead it would be "put off to the side" in case I commit another crime in which case the DUI would officially appear on my record. I have just obtained an unofficial copy of my drivers record and it says my license is valid. In addition, I do not need to renew my license until November 2015. My questions are: Will my MD license ever be suspended, if so for how long? If I am driving and get pulled over and the MVA has just suspended my license without my knowledge, will I be arrested/will my care be impounded?
Your question will be easier to answer if a lawyer read the relevant documentation in your D.C. Superior Court file. I...
I was pulled over for a headlight, was sober but cops smelled marijuana on just my jacket. searched car, didn't find anything and while waiting for a female personal to search my person randomly started asking questions about alcohol. I stated multiple times that I had nothing to drink but they arrested me and at the station, I initially refused the test because I didn't understand how I failed the SFST than less than 2 mins changed my mind but the officer said because I signed the form I couldn't change my mind. They then charged me with everything under the DUI/DWI "bracket" (about 6 charges) saying he had to because I refused.
Refusing to take a breath test carries Motor Vehicle Administrative Penalties, and is admissible by the State in Court....
Convicted of DUI on March 13. 1st DUI. Currently on informal probation: Keep a SR-22, Insurance, and submit to breathalyzer when ask by law enforcement., and of course 0 Alcohol tolerance while driving . I'm visiting family in Maryland and Florida for few days and I was wondering if I can drive as long as I follow my probation terms?
You need to consult with an attorney who handles these kinds of cases. S/he can guide you through the process.
I can assume my driving privileges on base will be revoked for some amount of time and I would be paying a fine. I would like to know if there will be any jail time issued by civilian authorities. I was not handed off to local police after the arrest from the Military police.
Offenses by civilians on military bases would be prosecuted in federal court. DUI carries a possible jail sentence. An...
In Feb 2013, I was stopped for speeding and received a DUI. (I blew a .2 ) On advice of council, I requested I be put into the Alcohol Interlock Program. My Attorney got me a PBJ. The PBJ required 1 year unsupervised probation and 2 nights in jail. The PBJ did NOT require an Interlock. I have no points on my license and no charges pending. The Maryland MVA says that I must complete the full term of the Interlock program. I am 10 months into the program and have had two violations - (small positives in the .03 to .06 range) So I have 4 months to go. During the recent snow, I was clearing Ice from my vehicle and missed a retest. When the horn started, I did another blow within a minute or so and passed - but this makes three violations. Is there any way to avoid suspension?
You cannot get off the interlock without having to serve the original suspension. However, If the MVA attempts to...
My dui was dismissed because the officer didn't show and i wanted to take it off my record
Information about expungement is available at The entry of nolle prosequi should be expungable...
I had a dui that was dismissed where i blew a 0.1 and went to the 12 hour program and then yesterday I was at a party where the cops brethalyzed everyone and I blew a 0.02. I was given a citation for drinking under the influence. Will I go to jail because this is a second time being caught with alcohol?
It sounds like you were given a civil citation for underage drinking which is not a criminal offense and does not carry...