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ation? My original charge that got me probation was a misd. lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 13. How can they send me to AA if I was Innocent in the first place? And if i go to jail for not doing my AA and they prove my innocence for the DUI's is there any apology i can receive for the time I served unlawfully?
Judge can order AA mtgs. As a condition of your release from custody. If you were released OR, then Judge can order...
I was arrested for a dui but when they released me they gave me my license back and didn't issue me a temporary license but I still have to appear in court. What does this mean? Are they going to convict me in court? Is it a dui? And what is a arrest type f?
On the surface, it would appear that the BAC was below .08. Of course, there is no way to be certain based on the...
Later during the trial cross examination the man said I crossed the fog line twice. He said I passed him on the right at a stop sign by going into the dirt. Yet there is a stop sign that would not allow my truck to pass. He lied while testifying. What kind of tort would this be?
Unless you have the money and time I would not consider attempting to pursue a civil action here. Its likely going to...
I was pulled over for driving slow. (I was looking on the street for a fallen helmet in the dark). I wasn't drunk or impaired. The arresting officer nor the jail will tell me my BAC. The paper they gave me in place of my license has expired and I still haven't heard from DMV. When I contacted DMV they said I don't have to attend a hearing with them. They will notify me.
Hello Gridley, CA: Well, it sounds like the DMV gave you bad advice. Check with them again to be sure your license...
I've never been in trouble this is my first offense I just been financialy struggleing!
I would call your attorney who represented you on the DUI and discuss it with him or her before you go in for jury duty.
Apparently due to the DUI COST RECOVERY PROGRAM CODE SECTIONS 07-09 (Rev 6-06) 53150 a person driving under the influence is liable for the expense of an emergency response by a public agency. However, the fact is is that I wasn't under the influence, by law, but the responding CHP officer decided for what ever reason to arrest me anyway. The case was later dismissed by the DA due to lack of evidence. Do I still have to pay this? I feel like sending the CHP a bill for all the massive attorney's costs that I accrued.
I'm sorry you have to go through this. As the CHP is separate from the court system, I advise you to contact the...
Can anyone convicted with a DUI travel outside the country to Canada?
This question has come up before. You may wish to contact the Canadian consulate or law enforcement in Canada.