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If you are drunk when you are arrested, does what you tell the officer stand in court?
I was arrested on March 6th, for DUI and marajuana related charges. I don't remember exactly what I told the officer. I am wondering if what I told him will be held against me in court because I was under the influence of alcohol. Thank you
If only that worked. Any statements you made are likely admissible. The exception would be if you were interrogated...
Can I do anything legally about a frat next door that's terrorizing my 68 year old mother and I?
A frat moved in roughly a year ago. The dogs they owned kept lunging and snapping at me and I asked them politely to follow the leash law. They didn't and that's when it started getting bad. The young men have already made a verbal threat to "drop me", I called Chico pd and made a record of the incident. The harassment has become intense...they come onto our property, scream at us from their porches, spitting at our windows, screaming vulgarity's and spiting at our windows. The list goes on. Is there anything legally that I can do about this? Please help. My 68 year old mother and I can't afford to move so were kinda stuck for awhile. Thank you.
Yes. A civil restraining order can be filed. You should call Robert Marshall for a consultation. In my opinion he is...
How much jail time with .25 blood levels
I am being charged with a dui with blood alcohol level .25 Do I have to do jail time if so how much? Or could I switch it for community service
Assuming you don't have any defense, and you may, you should contact a local lawyer, many offer free consultations....
Was my arrest legal?
I was in an auto accident. I wasn't booked or given a cite and release but got a summons from the D.A. To appear for a dui.
Hello Chico. There's nothing illegal about that. You received a notify letter inforing you to appear in court on DUI...
23152 n 11550 second time
My friend got pull over for 23152 and 11550 she not drunk but she was DUI for drug and they take her to jail and she got a blood test they let her go before 48 hour does she need to tell the DMV within 10 day when she was out she got her license back and she also got the pink slip but when I ask one of the lawyer about it he said u don't have to call the DMV.
Yes, call dmv. We don't know for sure whether she had alcohol in her system. It's better to call dmv and request a...
I was arrested for being drunk in public, with no charge. How do I get it off my record?
I was only in jail for an hour before they called my roommates to come pick me up. I don't remember if I blew into a breathalyzer but I was obviously drunk. I'm only 20 years old and this is my first encounter with the cops besides a speeding ticket.
The arrest will stay on your record forever. The only way to get an arrest off your record is for the court to find...
Can I home brew beer while my roommate is under DUI house arrest?
I was going to be brewing a batch of beer over the weekend but my roommate told me that, while he is under house arrest with a SCRAM unit (due to a DUI) there can't be alcohol in the house. I was wondering if, when they do the house search, (which I never consented to have my belongings searched) will they count my newly brewed, still fermenting and undrinkable, most likely non alcoholic home brew as an illicit substance?
His probation conditions state that there cannot be an alcohol in the house. At some point the fermentation will...