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What action do I take as far as my lawsuit is concerned?
I was involved in an auto accident in November of 2012. I was found at fault because I was charged with DWI. During the accident, I was traveling on the roadway when another vehicle turned out in front of me and I was unable to stop in time and rear-ended the other vehicle. We pulled into a parking lot. I asked the other driver if she was ok to which she stated, "Yes." She then began yelling and pointing angrily then called police. When police arrived I was given a SFST and then arrested on DWI charges. The other driver requested medical evaluation and left in an ambulance. I plead no contest to DWI and paid my fines and served probation etc. I got served with lawsuit papers the other day that the woman is suing for between 200k and 1 million. I have no assets or money. What do I do?
If you had insurance contact your insurance company and send them the lawsuit. If not you need a lawyer but with no...
If a person who has 4 charges including DWI with child passenger and one without bail how would they be able to get out of jail?
This person has been in and out of jail several times within the past few months and has had multiple charges which include DWI with a child passenger on more than one occasion. They are currently incarserated since April of this year with 4 charges and 1 without bail but is supposedly getting out in October of this year.
There are an endless number of ways this could happen. You'll have to contact the court to find out. I would caution...
If I ditched my car to avoid dui charges, will I ensue other charges if I go pick my vehicle up?
I got my car stuck in a ditch and I had to ditch my car because I had a few drinks before the happening. It was towed to a storage and towing facility.
It is possible that you may face charges of leaving the scene of an accident, if you admit to driving, but that is...
I need a DWI attorney!
The attorney that I previously had was never showing up for coyrt and when he did he would always reset! And would call me in between resets and add more fees after he was paid for his services! He never let me know what was going on with my case and now he has withdrawn and I have to go to court in a week! I need help!
Retagging - you should use the Avvo "Find a Lawyer" tool to get an attorney. Best Wishes!
DUI Interlock System Requirement
I was arrested for a DUI in the state of TX and it appears as though I will be required to install an interlock system as part of my probation. I have two cars, one of which is my commute car with the other being mostly a weekend car. I really don't like the idea of installing this on my car and was wondering if it is possible to just install on my commute car and not drive the other? I have no intentions of driving without it but don't want to have to do both when I can just limit my driving to one.
The order will state that you are not to drive a vehicle unless it is equipped with an interlock device. You only need...
I have asked this question before, but am asking it again. My husband got a DUI in Gregg Co. and was on probation for a DUI.
My husband got a DUI in Gregg county while coming home from a working trip for the landscaping company he works for. This occurred after dropping off a crew member in his hometown of Longview. He was already on probation down here in San Patricio County. ( He was sober for a little over years). And during the 2nd week of the trip his favorite brother-in-law died suddenly. Everything seemed okay for a while, but the probation department gave him a MTR anyway. Now he has a hearing very soon. He does have 2 attorneys, one for the DUI in Gregg County and the other for the MTR in San Patricio County. The lawyer for the MTR wants some sort of Rehab, and it suggested advanced preparation for Rehab, but how? The lawyer hasn't been too helpful so far, so I am asking here. I will testify .
Your question needs a lot to be clarified. It sounds like you have paid counsel that is familiar with all the facts....
My husband got a DUI in Gregg Co. But he was already on probation for a DUI in San Patricio Co. Now there is a MTR.
He was returning home from a working trip and after dropping off a co-worker in Longview he drank (he was sober for 5.5 years.) His favorite brother-in-law had died suddenly while he was on his working trip, if this matters. He came home and did okay for a little while with probation, however they finally gave him an MTR. I believe that one time traces of alcohol were found in his urine. At any rate he is in San Patricio jail waiting on his hearing. He has 2 attorneys, one for the DUI (Gregg Co.) and one for the MTR (San Patricio Co.). His attorney here says that he is working on a workable solution with the other attorney that will satisfy both counties. I will testify for him at his hearing. My question is this what can I expect at this hearing? What are the different kinds of Rehab?
San Patricio county likes to use their RTC facility. (Residential Treatment Facility) It's an inpatient facility where...