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My son had 4 probation violations. One failed drug/alc test in the entire time. If he can get this done in the next couple of months would it be ok to file a motion to get off probation. The original offence was 2011 physical control, and he tested UNDER the ovi limit. Would it be helpful if he has a diagnosis of ADHD?
The ADHD most likely would not help. Because he has had four violations of probation I doubt that an early termination...
I was placed on a 2-year probation for a DUI. I have paid all my fines, taken all the assessments, and have also been drug/alcohol tested twice and have always come back clean. I have served over 1/2 of my probation time. I am graduating with my masters and have started job hunting and thus far probation has seemed to be a problem with some companies. I have a good relationship with my probation officer and she gave me a form to fill out in order to see if the judge will terminate my probation. She said be as specific as possible. I am also interviewing in Texas because my mom has cancer and needs to move to a warmer climate (and of course I want to move with my family). Please advise how to best summarize my situation to the court and how such motions are often considered by the judge.
List it just like that. If you like this answer follow Beck Law Office, L.L.C. on facebook Attorney Chris Beck...
Interlock and yellow tags are currently part of the requirements for my driving privileges. I have had plates and interlock installed for 9 months. I have also served 11 months of my 2 year probation, and have completed all of the requirements of my probation.
Depends on the specific section of DUI you were convicted of. You can always try. It is possible as long as you are...
Along with driving w/o OMVI, while under suspension, DUS (12 point) suspension, & no plates on the car. I'm taking a lot of different meds for depression.
The worst that can happen depends on the number of prior OVIs in the past and whether or not you had submitted to a...
Got into a accident with own car. hit snow bank. cop came did sobriety test. never asked for insurance or license. I have been to mayors court and they suspended license and sent me to a driving intervention program did get an ovi. I then got a letter in the mail from ohio saying that if I still have my license to mail it in. along with insurance. Is the grounds for any need for lawyer bc he did not take license or ask for insurance. when I went the first time to court they asked for insurance and I said I did not know I was suppose to bring it bc it is in the car that is getting repaired and I would email it to them asap.
Subsequent investigation can lead to added charges
Looking for some type of answer either way?
You should contact a experienced attorney that deals with license reinstatement. There are many on this site.
Original Sentence for DUI and failure to control vehicle, 1st time, .08 breath. To end April 29th, 2014. If all requirements filled, Oct. 2013. Original privileges ended Aug. 14, 2013 including AA meetings. Recall opting to not make change to privileges, at the Clerk of Courts window I do not recall dates. Parole officer agreed to early release of sentence. As per law office's request, faxed all papers to office, received, lawyer has not called back since. Since Oct. I have called on nearly a daily basis to check on progress. Car was stolen Oct. 27, 2013. All Papers gone when car recovered. 1st worry is I am in violation of parole. When pulled over I produced out of date papers. 2nd Sentence might have ended Oct. this would be unnecessary.
If you already have an attorney, please don't use forums like this to second guess or look for a different answer. It...