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  • Wal-Mart to increase holiday hiring by 10 pct

    Thursday | via WTHR-TV Indianapolis 

    A defense lawyer has told a U.S. jury that executives at Jordon-based Arab Bank aren't liable for a series of suicide bombings that killed Americans in Israel in the early 2000s. Executives at Jordan-based Arab Bank should not be held responsible for a wave of suicide bombings in Israel in the early 2000s that left several Americans dead, a lawyer said Thursday in closing arguments at a U.S. civil... A newlywed couple who lured a stranger to his death through a Craigslist ad were sentenced to life without parole by a judge who said they must be permanently removed from society.


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  • Records

    Sunday Aug 24 | via NWAonline 

    He was being held Saturday in the Benton County Jail on $2,500 surety bond. a Chris Edwin Page, 52, was arrested Friday in connection with felony parole violation; driving while intoxicated; driving while license canceled, suspended or revoked; improper lane change; and speeding.


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Start up failure. I have searched the codes but cannot find any direct answers regarding start up failures, rolling retests, etc. After drinking on a holiday evening, I attempted to start my vehicle the next day. The BAC level did not allow me to start the car. I did not start the car for the rest of the day. I am new to this system and have not blown any other failing tests. I was not locked out of the car. I did notify the interlock provider to clarify the situation for documentation. Other than my recent DWI, my driving record has zero blemishes, including speeding tickets. Thank you for your help!
I'm not sure if I understand your question. You blew into an IID with alcohol in your system.. that's in itself a...
I am a legal immigrant with H1B visa.
Technically ... ANY violation of the law is a problem for a person on a non-immigrant visa. CIS/CBP 'tend' to look...
I was represented by an attorney in 2008 on a dwi charge, this same attorney has now been obtained by my 8 year old sons mother (we never married) to represent her in an increase in child support plus contempt charges against me. Is this allowed?
Nothing in your narrative suggests a conflict. If we included a clause in our engagement agreements that we would...
i was recently stopped for a dwi. the cop pulled me over asked if i was drinking and made me do a few test and then arrested me. he never read me rights.
If you are asking whether the case will be dismissed because the officer did not Mirandize you, it won't be dismissed...
Its my first offense dwi, i blew a 0.088 and ive meet with a lawyer but he didnt sound to confident in winning my case. my question is should i plead guilty or not guilty? and if i plead not guilty can a public defender get me a plea bargain? i really dont want to go to jail. the lawyer i meet with cost 1500 and i just cant afford that. ive never been pulled over before ive never been in trouble before i wasnt speeding or crossing lanes and i wasnt any trouble for the cop. please give me your opinion..
Not even a great attorney can "win" every case. However, a good attorney can help you get a good deal (reduced charge,...
Ex-wife and I share custody 50/50 of the aforementioned daughter. Her husband drives all the time on a suspended driver's license in the vehicle that she purchased insurance for but didn't exclude him as a driver on the policy. There are two adults in the house and two cars. One his and one hers. Both assessed to her. Bad part of this is that my minor daughter has been driven around by him at least 5-6 times, that I am aware of, in the last year. Police say that they cannot do a thing unless he is doing something wrong. The prosecutor has no will to get out of his chair, either. What father custody wording in Family Court can stop this from happening? Mediation is first step in my divorce decree. How about fast arbitration? Also, can't insurance laws supersede their privacy issues?
First, if he is driving on a suspended license then he is doing something wrong, but the police officer may need to...
First DWI
Yes. Using an attorney would be advisable. If you can't afford one, request a public defender. 5-65-111. Prison...