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Texas. Can my son also be charged?
my son was to drunk to drive his truck so he gave his truck keys to his friend who was also drinking. There was a wreck, truck totaled no other vehicles involved. Injuries to both. Can my son be charged with negligent entitlement?
Your son can not be charged with a criminal offense.
My sister Received a DUI in Illinois, considered a DWI in Texas. She wants to move to texas to be with my husband and I
Her court date is in May, last time she has to appear. She has done all the requirements they have requested. Our question is can she move to texas and continue to work on obtaining a reinstatement of driving privileges?
Unless she is under some sort of court-ordered supervision (such as a period of probation or deferred adjudication),...
How can i get espuned case was dui/cs >>> 3pills
did probation payed my fines did all my classes past all drug test been off probation since july 2012 and ive stay out of trouble and no longer get invole with things i know i should't .
Your case has resulted in a permanent record that cannot be expunged.
How do I postpone my DMV hearing for later date. No DWI, but was driving with expired license and had minor accident.
I am working out of state and can not be back in the state until Sept 16
Hire a lawyer to deal with this. Many will talk with you on the phone and deal with the business side of getting hired...
How long can Texas hold you in jail if the grand jury wont even indict you? Nore will the judge lower your bail.
The trooper lost the bac report, and according to the doctor he would have not operated if the individual was intoxicated....The BAc report has been missing since the day of the incident..
In Texas you can be held for the following time periods without having an information (for misdemeanors) or indictment (...
MY wife was recently charged with Intoxication Manslaughter. but they lost the B.A.C. report
I was at the wreck just after it happend. She had two empty beer cans in the car from days prior so they are charging her for open container and Intoxication Manslaughter.. The have since then detained her three weeks after the accident. They have since lost her blood alchol report. Her attorney says they can still win because of her past DUI charges also cause she was rude to officers at the wreck. Well of course she was rude she hates cops. She also was in and out of conciousness had broken femur, shoulder and hand. Whats next/
I hate to hang a defense on them not finding the report, or not being able to reproduce it from blood drawn, but it is...
A 4th DUI in the Vant Zant county, What time am I looking at?
Doing time now for Probation violation for a 3rd DUI, on a 4th DwI conviction. Due in court soon. What can I expect the out come to be?
You should immediately retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. In California, the minimum jail...