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I've been in the hospital for a long time and haven't been able to work, but I need a car to work. What is the best plan of action?
I am unaware of the specifics of the convictions and the sentences imposed; however, as a rule, a 3rd conviction...
I plead guilty to a dui on december 17th 2013. I was arrested on october 7 2012. I've completed all conditions and judge said i can apply for termination after completion.
You can apply, but I highly doubt the judge will terminate based upon one month of probation. This is a question for...
I completed the DUI class. At that time I required a device attached to car (breathylizer) It's been 3.5 years since I've driven do I still need this device in order to get license and drive?
Unfortunately yes you do. There is no way around this requirement. You are free to call the good folks at DMV...
I just received my BAC results from a blood draw from July 25th this week. How would I go about requesting a outside lab confirm the sample results (or bad sample)? My results came back .155 which I was very surprised, I had 5 beers over a 4 hour period and every BAC calculator I ran the number through had me at .07 as the highest that night. If the outside lab results are lower (hopefully below the .150 enhanced threshold) or show the sample was contaminated I will need a DUI lawyer that has dealt with challenging the conflicting tests.
Out of curiosity, did you ask for the blood to be drawn or did they forcibly draw the blood after an accident?
As stated my Florida driver’s license was revoked for five years in 2001. I left the state and moved back to NY in 2002 where I legally applied for and received a valid NYS driver’s license and have been legally driving for 13 years. I have no intention of returning to Florida, nor do I want my license reinstated there. However I want to resolve the issue, have the revocation lifted and have the NDR record removed. I work for an international corporation and at some point may have to relocate to another state and will be unable to transfer my NYS license because of Florida's NDR record. I never attended Florida's DUI class or paid the lien.
I would recommend that you hire an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process as it will involve the...
I am a resident of Florida and got the dui while in richmond Indiana. I spent 16 days in jail there and received 6 months probation. I returned to florida but I don't want this warrant hanging over me. I am thinking about turning myself in but would like to know how much jail time I would receive. Also, if I turn myself in and do the jail time would I then be done with the dui charge so I can return home to florida?
You will need to repost this question in the Indiana criminal section. Good luck,
My friend was on a 36 month dui felony probation (leaving scene with extensive property damage) - she already violate prob once when tested positive for, the got her on violating curfew..she went out to a bar and left her 3, 7, 9 yr old home alone....police were waiting when she returned....i guess the 9 yrs old woke up and alerted a neighbor who called police.......she has been in jal for over 20 days bond on the VOP, and then they charged her with neglect of a child......why only one child? She is asking me......i don't know but they are both felony charges....she is not a criminal........going thru some tough times and made very poor decision....any possiblity they might recommend her to treatment or is she looking at serious time?
Your friend needs much more advice than can be given on a public information site. She needs to get an attorney...