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I got a DUI in CA 2 years ago. I am pleading guilty now and I might get sheriff work program. But, I have moved to Florida now. So, I would like to know if there is a way to get the sheriff's work program transferred to Florida(if yes, whats the process) or is there a way to pay it off? or are there any other alternate options?
You should probably have addressed this issue before you moved. I am not licensed in CA and do not know anything...
I got DUI in CA two years ago. I am pleading now and I might get a sheriff's work program. But I am also leaving to India end of this month and might not have enough time to schedule and finish(as I moved to Florida now) sheriff's work program before i leave to India. In India, I have to go for H1B stamping to come back to USA. So, I would like to know, if its a problem for H1B stamping, if i plan to do sheriffs work program after comin back from India
You should talk to your case worker at the court before proceeding. After the proposed Sheriff's work program is...
Person is in lock up for dui's. on the court record it says certificate of discharge to bond.
A bond "discharge" means that the bond is no longer in force and the bail bonding agency is no longer responsible to...
Recently I was out drinking during the day and went to sleep in the early evening. I then woke up around 10 at night to drive to a friends. I am new to the area so I wasn't sure on directions. I realized I was not going to find the location on my own and also knew I had been drinking during the day. I pulled over to a convenience store and there happened to be policemen in there. They asked what was wrong and I said I was new to the area, my cell phone was dead, and I was trying to get a cab home from the store. I also said I had been drinking during the day. The policemen were friendly and said I did the right thing and he had the other take me home. Should I expect any backlash from this event? They never asked any information but they could have looked at my license plate.
You are the exception to the rule. I assume no breath, blood or urine test were given? No Field sobriety tests...
Dui ticket on Illinois license in Florida
What is your question? The answer, no matter what you ask, will probably be, "Hire an attorney to defend you."
I was in an abusive relationship. On June 2nd, the abuse started again, but this time it scared me enough to call 911. An hour before I called, I was on the phone with a Bright House tech, trying to get the internet fixed in the house. He kept asking me if I was okay and did I wanted him to dispatch a police officer to my home. He asked me this because during the whole time he was on the phone with me, the man of the house was coming at me to do me harm. It was recorded. I was on the phone with him for 57 minutes. It wasn't long after we got off the phone when he tried to break my window, then came to my door trying to beat it down. The 911 operator heard him trying to beat down my door. She told the non emergency police that we needed a rescue. When the police got there, I was locked i
You can hire a criminal defense attorney. The attorney may be able to subpoena the recorded call with Brighthouse.
I am just wondering what his sentencing will look like for all 3 new charges: felony VOP, misdemeanor DUI, and felony DWLSR (third offense). My boyfriend is on felony probation for DWLSR in Hillsborough county. He also had another misdemeanor DUI back in 2012, which is closed now.
The maximum possibility for violating felony probation is whatever the maximum sentence is for the offense that landed...