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The violation happened at 11am I called it and told them it must have been my mouthwash due to the fact I haven't drank since the night of my dui 10/12/15 they said they noted it on my account. My wife ended up driving her suv and we did our usual Sunday errands routine. When I got back home around 9pm from running around and having dinner at my parents I tried my suv and it started and worked fine showing no violation lockout time or anything, I'm not worried due to stories I've heard of people in my situation in the past who actually viol due to truly drinking alcohol, they all received extension they said, but they actually had lockouts. What do you think I can expect with your professional knowledge of these situations?
The best person to answer this question is your Court probation officer. Although they do not install or download...
I have a pending felony dui that I am being charged With. I was never arrested at the time of accident and have since moved home to Ny to recover and heal. I have been out of work for months and am just now going back. I do not have the $1500-2000 lawyers want up front. I am able to pay$500-900 a month, I just do not have the money upfront to layout. I was wondering if anyone knew of any lawyers that would work out a payment plan with me. I'm freaking out because I have court in 13 days, and don't want a Warrent for my arrest if I miss court, and can't afford to fly down to Florida. Someone please help me. I don't belong in jail
Under Avvo's rules attorneys are not allowed to solicit clients directly. You can contact Palm Beach attorneys to see...
I have a Lawyer hired for my first DUI case which was 3 years ago and will go to trial soon as I entered a plea of not guilty recently. Both charges at this point are "1st time offender" charges as well. I'm on the fence about going to trial for this 2nd DUI. I can't go to jail, I have a full time job and a family. Am I facing Jail time? No injuries on either DUI either or accident. First DUI was in broward county, second was in Palm beach.
For a second dui the mandatory minimum jail time is 10 days, but it could be more.
On probation for 2nd DUI and don't have the money for DUI SCHOOL or the monthly fee. I do community service and AA meetings monthly. I have done VIP (MADD). I have 3 months left and cannot foresee any income within this time. PO says I will be in Violation come April.
You cannot change your probation officer, and even if you could, you'd still be in violation and face the same consequences.
If your DL restriction says until 12/10/2014. Can it be removed on the 10th or do you have to wait until the 11th?
You should have the restriction lifted on that date. Restricted on and through 12/9, clock hits midnight, it's now 12/...
I violated my probation by driving on a suspended and commiting a hit and run. I'm on house arrest for 120 days and had my first random visit on a monday. How often do they came and what's the latest time they would show up?
There is no telling. It depends on how proactive you PO is...assuming you are still on probation. If your probation...
A good friend of mine was riding his bike and killed by a drunk driver 3 times over the legal limit. The accused has since posted bond and is awaiting trial. Last Dec. the defense motioned and was granted travel to his home state. Last summer he was denied. Tomorrow is another motion for travel. I am accompanying the sister of the victim and her husband in court tomorrow. I know the District Attorney is going to contest it but is there anything we can do to stop this motion from being granted? Are we allowed to speak? or does the prosecution handle all of it?
The state attorneys office has victim liaisons/advocates. No, you will not be asked to speak.