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Spent the night in jail, fingerprinted and went to court. Got a no-fine infraction as I pleaded no contest because I was obviously drunk. Do I need to disclose this as a crime on job applications or college applications? I have heard no because people do not consider an infraction a "crime." I do not want to lie or be disqualified from school or employment. My application for my MSW states that they do a background check for their internships, will this show up? It was just a one time thing, drinking home alone that got out of hand. Never had any run ins with the law before. My question is, could I answer no for have I ever been convicted of a crime, even though I was arrested and received an infraction?
If you are absolutely certain that it was pled as an infraction, then you you are correct that you do not need to...
MY conviction date for my first was 10-17-2003. Can the DA charge me with a 2nd dui?
It goes from arrest to arrest date not conviction date to conviction date da most likely miss read the dates
Without a trial, between 1,500-3,000 is about the range. Robert West
13 years ago I had a DUI. 4 months ago I went in front of the judge and pleaded no contest. I recently found out that the statute of limitations is 10 years. How can I clear my name after pleading no contest.
You're confusing terms. A DUI can count as a prior against you for 10 years, but the statute of limitations is...
I got a DUI last year and went through the DUI classes, as well as served 12 days on house arrest. Last month I got a drunk in public, although the police asked me to step out of a bar and then arrested me. My boyfriend was let go and I went to jail. Have I voilated my probration, and should I get an attorney to handle this? The DUI and the drunk in public where in the same county.
You are at risk for both a violation of probation (VOP) and a new misdemeanor. Please do yourself a favor and...
I think he wanted me to blow a .08 and thought that was wrong for making me blow so many times.Will all 3 results show up?Do I get a the same copy the judge gets that is printed out of the machine or is mine a xerox copy on another piece of paper? The E-PAS does preliminary and evidentiary.Can he give a preliminary test witch is not mandatory to take and if it's over an .08 print it as if evidentiary?I know they're a lot of questions but can someone take the time to answer ALL the questions.
It's impossible to give you a fully informed answer without reviewing the police reports. It sounds like the officer...
Is the difference between probable cause to search than arrest?If an officer smells illegal drugs is he supposed to search find the drugs then arrest or can he arrest on smell?Can there one and not the other or are they both a package deal?Thanks
If the officer does not have a warrant s/he only needs "reasonable suspicion" to search. This standard is considerably...