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i got a dui for being under the influence of my percriptions medication. i am in a fianacial bind, im 24 married with 2 kids. i work a full time job installing home teater systems if any can help my contact is
with all due respect, most lawyers are more than willing to help but must be compensated in order to do so. You are in...
It is sometimes better to hire a local attorney to the place where the trial will be held. Your choice.
I got a letter saying I have to go to sentencing court because of non compliance of Idrc. I was out of state at the time and could not get there. It was also 4 years after my conviction so i had no idea it was even going to happen. When I go to court can I get another chance to go to IDRC OR WILL THEY PUT ME IN JAIL FOR 2 days
There is a chance that you could stay out of jail. However, retaining an attorney can only help you. Did you enter a...
Just trying to get more money out of me. As far as classes I attend 2a a meetings a day 7 days a week. I have my own therapist once a week. And I put my self into a rehab. When I saw. The stress I was under was pushing me closer to the bottle.
Relax, you should be OK
Moving to Louisiana within the next 6 months.
You will need to complete IDRC. Even if you don't want your license back, non-compliance of IDRC will be reported to...
this is his first dwi or getting in trouble at all for that matter. he is the sole provider of the family. what are the chances of getting the dwi dropped?
It is impossible to answer this question as phrased. A good dui attorney will review all of the documentation and...
We are trying to retain a lawyer but our funds are just not there right now due to the holidays and the recent passing of his mother. He is the sole provider of our family since we have a small baby. I was wondering if he or i could call the courts and have the date postpone so we can retain a lawyer?
Generally yes, but only to get discovery. You cant postpone it for any substantial length of time. But I would not wait....