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CHHA license was revoked in 2005 and now I trying to get a job at quest diagnostic and they will not hire bc of that.
Like any other license, it depends on why it was revoked and the organization's terms for reinstatement.
i got a dui for being under the influence of my percriptions medication. i am in a fianacial bind, im 24 married with 2 kids. i work a full time job installing home teater systems if any can help my contact is
with all due respect, most lawyers are more than willing to help but must be compensated in order to do so. You are in...
I received an order of suspension of my drivers license back in 2005 for failure to appear since I moved back to New Jersey I went to court in 2014 and pled guilty to a dui refusal and was order that my license be suspended for 10 years since my license was suspended in 2005 for the failure to appear on this matter can I file a motion to have the 9 years as time towards the 10 years
no. The suspension for not appearing in court is completely separate from your tenure suspension for the dwi. Neither...
And never had a license. What are the chances to not do any mandatory jail. Can he pay a fine instead of serving jail time. .or is there anything he can do to not going to jail. .? Like probation , community service. . Or something else. .?
Please provide additional information to allow the attorneys to answer this question. For starters, when was the DWI...
Georgia is only a member of the non resident violater compact and not the driver license compact while NJ is a member of both
Under the compact, the NJ MVC must treat a New Jersey resident or licensee's out of state DWI conviction as if it...
I was driving at arnd 3 am wen i was pulled for swerving. Was told ro get out the car officer gave me all the test and came up neg for alcohol or drugs after a few minutes i was placed under arrest for dwi
If you have been charged, you need to defend the DWI summons as they are not dismissed unless the prosecutor is unable...
My husband got a dwi surcharge more than 27 years ago and another one about 22 years ago. We never had the money to pay them. Also, he has never had a license. He owes over $16,000 and we are never going to be able to pay. They just recently sent a letter stating how much he owes and what installment payments would be, $688 a month, again can't afford it. Not having a license has stopped him from getting a decent paying job. Now I am not in the best of health, I have an aortic aneurysm and dissection, and need him to drive and get a good job. Too much stress for me.
Criminal restitution is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy.