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CHHA license was revoked in 2005 and now I trying to get a job at quest diagnostic and they will not hire bc of that.
Like any other license, it depends on why it was revoked and the organization's terms for reinstatement.
He doesn't know that much English. he plead guilty 2 years ago without knowing that dwi is very strict for immigration issues can he still fight for those changes. .
Maybe. If he really does not understand English well and he was not provided an interpreter, that could be a grounds to...
My friend didn't show up to court for driving while suspended for a dwi and with out an interlock device. . Will he get arrested in his house or how to avoid to go to jail. .
It is possible, though depending on the town I'm not sure how likely it is that they'll go and try to pick him up. If...
Can I still apply for a work permit. Or my employer ca apply for a visa for me even if I have 2 dwi. .? And one driving while suspended for dwi convicted. .
No, as to work permit. You will also have trouble with a visa application. Consult an immigration attorney -- need more...
I get pulled over last month I went to the court and the prosecutor told me that I'm going to served 10 days in jail because I was driving while suspended for a dwi and plus I didn't put the interlock device in a car.. well the car the I was driving is not my. . Can I ask the judge that I want everything fines and the 10 days in jail for community service to not pay nothing. .?
You can ask, but good luck with that. You would be much better off hiring a traffic lawyer to see what they can do for you.
I was pulled over and arrested May 9, 2010 for DWI in NJ. I got a court date, however, the attorney I hired continued to push it back. I did not go to court until December 15, 2010. That is the day I had my license suspended for 3 months, and all other tickets dropped. My question is on my motor vehicle record will May be the date when the DWI happened, or December? Thanks
It will be the day you were sentenced.
COURT DATE IS 06/05/2015
If you can establish residency in time, yes. There are a few states that are not members of the compact ( they are...