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I am on probation in Alabama for DUI, and have my license suspended. If i leave to Florida without telling the probation officer, and get another DUI charge with a suspended license charge this time. What charges am i looking at when i return to Alabama
Probation revocation. The new crimes would be prosecuted where they happened, but your probation in Alabama would be...
First charge got dismissed. Wondering how to go about this charge. Will it be listed as a second offense? What should I do? Also am I supposed to be given a ticket upon arrest?
It will not count as a second DUI which is good because you'd be looking at a minimum sentence of 5 days in jail...
I wasn't read any rights, but I wasn't questioned either. There was an accident, but with no injuries. I did contact the police shortly after and have records of that. I left due to fear of the other driver's demeanor. I blew over .15 BAC at the station. I only had my eyes checked on the field test. I was compliant in all ways and didn't feel or act intoxicated. I am unsure if a deferred adjudication, pretrial diversion, or deferred prosecution is best. I have a squeaky clean record and I'm a first time offender in every possible way. My job depends on me having a clean record and no convictions. Thank you
Your best course of action is to seek the professional services of a qualified criminal defense attorney to assist you....
A DUI 2/14 refusal to provide sample as I did not blow hard enough to get results. I was going to hire a lawyer(non local)for more that was going to try and fight pre trial and specializes in DUI defense. I found a local lawyer for less and handles dui defense. With the refusal he said I take the 90 day suspension, he's going to set a court date at the arraignment next month and try a pre trial diversion. The other lawyer was going to fight it all pre trial, and if taken to trial it would cost me more. I was nervous/anxious, so I hired the local lawyer. I changed my mind called the lawyer for more b/c I would like to try and keep my license and fight pretrial, they then called me back saying refusing to take the case due to too much trouble to deal with now. Im in over my head and need adv
The best thing for you to do right now is talk to your current lawyer about all of your concerns regarding his strategy...
what are the consequences? am i looking at a fine or jail time? how long do i have to do these classes? i haven't received any notices or anything.
If you're on a suspended sentence and have not met your court referral requirements, your suspended sentence could be...
I was working out of town when I got my first DUI, ever.
No -- you will need to appear in person to deal with this situation short of medical infirmity.
I was arrested after approximately 2 hours. I blew the Dragaer at the station and it "aborted twice for ambient air and accuracy" according to the ticket. Officer said I "failed" field sobriety tests but I will add I was standing on the side of a four lane highway, the road surface was wet, it was misting rain part of the time, I had been up for about 20 hours, and was nervous and anxious. All my paperwork says BAC is N/A or 0.000.
You never know for sure. There are no lesser included offenses to DUI. You should talk to an attorney.