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dui 3rd
The statute of limitations for most felonies in Mississippi is two years.
I was sitting in my vehicle on a rural country road talking to my elderly mom at 7:44 pm when a cop pulled up behind me and got out of his vehicle and came up to my truck and ask me to step out, put my hands on the hood, then patted me down, took me to jail (he said), for public drunk. When I got to the jail and I verbally protested his action(s), he then trumped up the charges, DUI, failure to comply (what), using profanity on a public Road? All I did was protest being arrested because I was not drinking alcohol, only sprite, I was not driving, only sitting, the vehicle was not even running. They took me to the jail and they stripped search me, they put me in a holding cell until next day. They taped a ticket up on the cell glass door that showed a DUI charge.
I would advise hiring an attorney. While it is an expense, it is worth it in the long run. Many municipalities will...
Say a person received a DUI when they were 19 years old in Mississippi. The person blew a 0.06 and had the charge non-adjudicated. After said person turned 21, the DUI charge should have been dismissed and removed from his or her record. After this person turned 21 and assuming all charges from the DUI - first offense were dismissed, they received another DUI (currently charged as first offense). Can the court have this charge changed to a DUI - 2nd offense if they are informed of the person's prior non-adjudicated DUI - first offense?
Have I seen it Yes do I agree it is proper NO. Please get an attorney regardless for the offense. DUI is a serious...
Received DUI first offense 2 weeks ago, then went to work and was told I couldn't work there any longer for getting a DUI
Mississippi is a right to work work state. You may be fired for any reason OTHER than being in a federally protected...
If, upon reexamination, it is discovered that the subject was convicted on the second DUI while the first charge was still pending, would that be sufficient cause to reduce the felony DUI to a misdemeanor?
As long as at the time of indictment that person has two DUI convictions that person can be prosecuted for felony DUI....
A person is pulled over and arrested for a felony DUI. It is the third time in less than one year. He refused the Breathalyzer test on the second arrest, and his license was revoked. On the third arrest, he blows a .40 and passes out. No injuries or property damage is involved in any of the instances. Can he apply for a hardship license, and most importantly, can he avoid jail time?
The penalty is up to five years imprisonment with the MDOC. Dependent upon the DA's policy and the complete facts of...
Husband got DUI when he was stationed at Great Lakes. He was military so he had to pay all fines associated with the DUI. He was 19 at the time and didn't have a license. Now after 20yrs and having licenses in other states the state of Illinois wants $500 before he can get his license renewed here in Mississippi. Where did this $500 come from? How come its just popping up now?
If only it were that easy. The $500 reinstatement fee is the last step in the process of getting his hold released. He...