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What can I do about this? How do I prove it?
I received my 2nd DUI back in February in which I served 6 months jail with no fines or probation. However, as part as my sentence I was ordered to immobilize my vehicle. My problem is that I sold my truck on craigslist for cash a week after I was charged. I got a letter from the court today that the vehicle is still registered in my name and I need to prove my sale. I DONT EVEN KNOW THE GUYS NAME let alone his number anymore. I was told I have 21 days to track him down(not possible) or I will be ordered a show cause for contempt in front of the judge. What do I do? Can I be put put in jail again and lose the job I finally just got again because of this?! Seems a bit ridiculous.
Wouldn't the car be titled in the new owners name? It seems like you can get this information fairly easily from the...
Recieved my 2nd owi in mi
hi recieved my 2nd owi in mi, it happened during my 7th year of my old one however my case isnt going to fall in that 7 yr time frame sinc emy court date kept on being pushed back so my hearing wont be during my 7 yr limit. Will i still face jail time? how long will the process take?
If the incident occurred within 7 years of your last conviction then charging you with a 2nd offense would be proper....
What are the odds of avoiding jail time for a first time "super drunk" dui
I was pulled over and obviously guilty. A BaC of .18. I just want to avoid jail time. What are the chances of a plea bargain.
A lot depends upon your record, the court, and the prosecutor s office. Get yourself into alcohol counseling and...
“At my psi the probation agent said she is recommending straight jail time to the Judge. What does that mean? Dui 2nd.”
No chance for probation... does this mean I won't get good time or trustee time if granted?
Sentencing is always at the discretion of the judge. The probation department recommends a sentence to the judge, but...
Why will MI not clear my DL . from 25 years ago ? What are the rehabilitation regulations on more than 1 DWI involved ?
My DL . is on suspension in MI . , it is disputed my obligations haven't been met . I have had a clean driving record since 1993 . I have served jail time , counseling in both MI and AR . , plus Reinstatement fees , administrative reviews ( denied because I consumed 3 beers at home in 6 months ) and urinalysis - blood tests in 2010 , and 700 . 00 $ to a lawyer in AR . and sued AR . state to obtain my current license . I wrote the Governor in MI about the problem with driver control . The facts of my obligations have been overlooked and has turned personal in nature . Thank you for your help in this matter . courierbj @ g mail . com
Your reason you stated for the administrative review denial is the crux of the issue. It sounds like you are on the...
Is a dui from 26 years ago still considered 1 st offense
got a dui 26 years ago and recently got my 2nd will be considered as my 2nd offense or 1st because it was so long age
If there is a record of the conviction, this could be considered a second. You have a right to be silent. Get a defense...
I'm a nursing student with 2 years left to graduate and just got my 2nd DUI, can I still get a RN license or should I quit now?
My 1st DUI charge and conviction was in January 2004. My 2nd DUI charge was in 2008 but I was convicted of Failure to Stop for an Emergency Vehicle (b/c I was sleeping in my car when arrested). My 3rd DUI charge (2nd conviction) was in January 2012 and I was convicted of BAC > 0.17. I have 2 DUI misdemeanors (no felonies) and will be able to complete probation, my nursing clinicals, graduate with a BSN, and pass NCLEX in 2 years. Then, I know my first RN application will be rejected by the Board. After, I will hire an attorney and appeal. I can be granted a regular license, a restricted license, or no license at all. If I start now, I can accumulate 1,000 hours of community service, attend 500 AA classes, have 50 letters of recommendation and stay sober. Is this worth trying to get my RN?
Yes. It sounds like you have things as under control as possible. You should speak to an attorney who is experienced...