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I was pulled over and obviously guilty. A BaC of .18. I just want to avoid jail time. What are the chances of a plea bargain.
A lot depends upon your record, the court, and the prosecutor s office. Get yourself into alcohol counseling and...
got a dui 26 years ago and recently got my 2nd will be considered as my 2nd offense or 1st because it was so long age
If there is a record of the conviction, this could be considered a second. You have a right to be silent. Get a defense...
My DL . is on suspension in MI . , it is disputed my obligations haven't been met . I have had a clean driving record since 1993 . I have served jail time , counseling in both MI and AR . , plus Reinstatement fees , administrative reviews ( denied because I consumed 3 beers at home in 6 months ) and urinalysis - blood tests in 2010 , and 700 . 00 $ to a lawyer in AR . and sued AR . state to obtain my current license . I wrote the Governor in MI about the problem with driver control . The facts of my obligations have been overlooked and has turned personal in nature . Thank you for your help in this matter . courierbj @ g mail . com
Your reason you stated for the administrative review denial is the crux of the issue. It sounds like you are on the...
My 1st DUI charge and conviction was in January 2004. My 2nd DUI charge was in 2008 but I was convicted of Failure to Stop for an Emergency Vehicle (b/c I was sleeping in my car when arrested). My 3rd DUI charge (2nd conviction) was in January 2012 and I was convicted of BAC > 0.17. I have 2 DUI misdemeanors (no felonies) and will be able to complete probation, my nursing clinicals, graduate with a BSN, and pass NCLEX in 2 years. Then, I know my first RN application will be rejected by the Board. After, I will hire an attorney and appeal. I can be granted a regular license, a restricted license, or no license at all. If I start now, I can accumulate 1,000 hours of community service, attend 500 AA classes, have 50 letters of recommendation and stay sober. Is this worth trying to get my RN?
Yes. It sounds like you have things as under control as possible. You should speak to an attorney who is experienced...
I know many people with an MIP and have got deferred sentences, do I plea guilty and ask for this or not guilty I have been in jail in Canada for public intox will this have any say in the court now?
Your question may be more complicated than you realize but you've provided insufficient facts to give you a responsible,...
08-04-10 Today was my Arraignment for my DUI back in 2004, I also had expired plates and no proof of insurance for that arrest. I did not appear in court for this, however my fines are paid in full. In 2008 I was pulled over and received a ticket for driving under a suspended license. Today I decided to represent myself in court for the later date. Is there anything I can do to prepare for my case? any advice? i am scheduled for a pretrial conference before trial, how should i go about this? is there anything i can say or do to come to an agreement of a lesser charge via DUI classes, community service?
It's probably not what you want to hear, but honestly, you need to hire a lawyer for something like this. It's just too...
Approximately 3 years ago I recieved a 2nd DUI in MI. Before sentencing I moved to Florida and I have lived here ever since without incident. I need to take care of this.
To take care of it you will most likely have to surrender yourself the Michigan court in which you were convicted.