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Can I be a bartender with DUI in Illinois?
I was told I cannot by a bar owner and want the facts.
He can do what he wants. it's his bar. And maybe his insurance and or the dram shop law prohibits it. I know I have had...
What are my true court requirements and where are the rules that define what can be done online?
I was charged with DUI in Barrington Illinois. I plead guilty to wreckless driving and been placed on conditional discharge. I live in Louisiana and currently working a short term project in Miss. before next assignment. I have met all court requirements with the exception of Victim Impact Panel and Alcohol classes. How can I research what the law says can be done online?
In IL you would typically have a case worker assigned to oversee your completion of the requirements of your...
Getting RDP 08 DUI no employment
how i understand can't get full reinstatement lit i have RDP . Can't get RDP without need to drive eg employment . i don't have a job , i can't get or keep job without license . What can i do ?
That's not true. If you re eligible for reinstatement, and you don't qualify for an RDP (for work or school or ongoing...
What happens when you miss court due and are past your warrant 2 years??
I went to court multiple times trying to get a lawyer, and when I had one, I was unable to retain them. The judge would not give me a court appointed attorney, I had lost my apartment, my job, and had no money. I was unable to go to court, and just gave up. I needed to find a place to live and just survive. Its been two years now, and I don't know what my situation is and what is do-able in terms of correcting this situation.
First, hire a local Barrington criminal defense lawyer now that you are back on your feet. Second, follow that...
Is there a time limit the arresting officer has to file the notice of summary suspension with the Secretary of State?
First, the criminal case in this arrest is closed. I was arrested January 28th of this year and served the notice of suspension the same day. I haven't received confirmation of the suspension from the Secretary of State. In addition, I did apply for a BAIID system when I went to court on March 18th and haven't heard anything about that yet either. I should be well into my suspension by now, 30 days or so, as it has been about 75 since the arrest. I have called a Secretary of State phone number which has told me my license is still valid.
This is a delicate matter and the wrong move will result in that suspension entering. You want to be very careful...
I've had my RDP for only two weeks and I've stopped at the gym a couple of times, will they cancel my rdp when I send my report?
I've only had my RDP for two weeks and need to send my initial 30 monitor report. Do I have any chance at keeping RDP? I know if you blow and fail the state gives you a 2nd chance, do they do the same for unnecessary stops?
You are taking a serious risk by making unauthorized stops while you have your RDP. If you have recently learned that...
Does the RDP monitoring report count how many starts per day? Can that cause a violation?
Have an RDP for work but i stop at the starbucks on the way to work occasionally. I've never blown any sort of alcohol reading.
Attempting to disable the device so you won't get found out at Starbucks is tampering and would be recorded as a start...