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This happened in california the probation officer knows about the first one but doesn't know about the second one will I do sometime or can I do AA and other things to get out of prison time
Very respectfully, based on your question it appears that you have already retained an attorney for your case. He or...
I have a DUI in California from approx. 20 yrs ago. and one in 2008. I am no longer on any probation. But my license is suspended in California. Can I go back to Nevada, (where I have a expired license) from approx 15 yrs ago) and renew my license In Nev.”
No because your license is suspended in CA you will not be able to renew your old NV license . Under the a Interstate...
I have been told 20 years is my exposure on my first DUI with Injuries for 5 allege victims only one sustained a factor of the 5 3 left the scene in a ambulance 2 were treated and released the other 2 alleged victims had injuries that were not confirmed by a medical expert surfaced after the fact the enhancements I'm facing add up to 20 years . it is claimed I had a .20 BAC level however I found solid evidence that not only did the office er lied on his report about giving me the chemical breath the test print out that was submitted with report is from a on site alcosenser iv the hadn't had an accuracy check in over a year was not zeroed out before test and the test was obtained manually instead of automatically with all of the evidence iv found is that exposure timecorrect
knowing the exact charges and the allegations it's impossible to know your exposure but it sounds to me like you are...
Because she was supena to xourt and still did not show
It is up to the DA whether to charge a personor not . It usually depends on how much information is in the police report.
Do the injuries that are being claimed from the accident have to be validate by a doctor what the maximum exposure a person can face for 3 people that left the scene in the ambulance and 2 that say they suffered serious serious injuries way after the accident 2 of the three that left by ambulance were treated and released
What are the injuries? You should speak with a local attorney.
The first time I got caught was because I hit a fence to avoid hitting a dog,I got a bench warrant for not going to court I didn't know what day I was supposed to go the officer sent the papers to my old address I got that taken care of, second time I went through a check point lost the car my fine was $575 that was a year ago, now I went through a check point again and have to go to court what can happen now what's most likely to happen?
Why can't you get a license? You have committed a misdemeanor and technically face some jail time and a fine. Get an...
The judge ordered me to do 3 months classes and a 2000 dollar fine everytime i try to get around to it i get side tracked and cant comply i just want this to be over with i go see court probation tomorrow what are they going to say??? Answers Pleaaase
You could be in for a rough day. If you haven't complied with any of the terms and conditions of your probation, you...