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I am being charged with OVI, failure to reinstate my license, Lanes of travel, and a BAC of .263. I also do not have insurance.
Best action is to find a lawyer ASAP. That lawyer can advise you as to your best option.
We are waiting for the Judge's decision from the trial, mother has become more unstable since the trial. Can we still file a motion to change and/or stop the visits or do we have to wait til a decision has been made on our case?
This is a question best posed to your attorney. Only your attorney can possibly understand the actual posture of your case.
I pulled into a bar parking lot in a space, and a drunk driver backed out after I was stationary. It scraped the car and caused damage. The man did not have insurance, was driving under suspension and was arrested for being intoxicated. The police said they could not direct fault or do anything since it was private parking. I was not injured, but not my car is damaged. What can I do?
You can always sue the other driver, but how will you require, as he does not have insurance, unless he has private...
this is my first offence, i already did 3 days in jail and am terrified that i will be kick out of school
Doubtful. See: http://thepellgrant.com/pell-grant-restrictions/ It appears that it only prohibits you from being...
I was recently charged with a first degree misdemeanor for petty theft. Tomorrow I go to court for a criminal pretrial for underage possession and consumption of alcohol. I plead not guilty in the previous hearing and got a public defender. Is jail time a possibility because of the misdemeanor I already have?
You need to ask your public defender these questions. That person has the file, the police reports and your...
also I have to take alcohol treatment and do a three day hotel stay can he do that for my first and can I do anything about it ? and he won't take my bracelet off and its been on for 90 days. Also other ovi that came through his court did not get nearly a harsh sentence.. Even some one with a felony ovi did not get what I got
Your information is a little confusing, however based on what is written, yes the judge can sentence you to those...
Also I was three house down from my own and kept to my driveway officer pulled in behind me Ran plates put me in his car gave me pin test and pulled back into street and wrote me a ticket took me down to local police station where I was to blow finish ticket and brought me home
Trick question. The answer is No and Yes! Ohio LAW does NOT ENHANCE a future OVI because of a prior Reckless...