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  • Parma man charged with robbing Aurora woman

    Tuesday Feb 24 | via Aurora Advocate 

    A Cuyahoga County man is facing several felony and misdemeanor charges after allegedly taking personal items from an Aurora woman during a robbery Feb. 8. Joseph E. Dvorak, 25, of Parma was arrested that day and charged with one count each of robbery, a second-degree felony; theft, a fifth-degree felony; assault, a first-degree misdemeanor, and resisting arrest, a second-degree misdemeanor. Following his arraignment in Portage County Municipal Court, Dvorak remained in the Portage County Jail on 10 percent of $30,000 bond, pending future court dates.


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  • Aurora Police Reports

    Tuesday Feb 17 | via Aurora Advocate 

    Domestic dispute: A Parma man was charged Feb. 8 with assault, resisting arrest, robbery and theft after police said he got into an argument with his girlfriend on Deerfield Lane. An officer found him in possession of some items belonging to the woman.


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Pulled over for swerving. Smelled alcohol so gave me field test. Nervous failed. Told I was being arrested for suspected OVI. Handcuffed & put in cruiser. When asked what I wanted from car responded keys & cell. Taken to station for breath test. Was read to & given a form for license suspension. Blew .2 and here .8 is drunk. Was given a ticket for "not driving in marked lanes". On the ticket where the OVI info is written "Not Charged" is written on top of it. When I got home discovered they had removed my house key as well as my car key. I called the station & was told that the officer thought it was the trunk key. When I questioned the license suspension form was told that it wasn't official.They impounded my car in moms name. Not read my rights. Can they impound car when not drunk?
Ordinarily, after being arrested the police will conduct an inventory of the vehicle prior to being towed to log and...
I was driving home after a party where I had been drinking. However, I drove home because I knew that I was functioning perfectly fine. I was pulled over for reasons having to do with my tail light. The cop said he could smell alcohol, and asked me to get out of the car. I did so, and passed every test with flying colors until the breath test. I blew a .07 so we went to the station and I blew a .06, under the normal legal limit. He gave me a ticket with an OVI and tail light charge. This is my first offense. I am a first year Engineering student. My high school record was spotless. I was heavily involved in Church and community service organizations. I would like to find a way to turn this charge into something different, a traffic violation perhaps.
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. You also need to stop admitting facts online. OVI limits are significantly less for...
I was recently surprised to find out I can get an OVI conviction with .069 BAC. I was in an unfamiliar area and was setting up a GPS at a stop light. I proceeded to go straight in a right turn only which got me a legit stop. I did poorly on the SFST's and refused the portable test, but the Intoxilyzer 8000 got me anyway. I was polite and cooperative with my arresting officer and he said that 9/10 in my situation get a reduction to reckless operation. With the above information is there any possibility that the prosecution will just dismiss this charge? Am I more or less safe from getting an OVI like the officer said?
The officers usually underestimate the danger on purpose. If you did poorly on field sobriety, it may be difficult to...
She was stopped for dim headlight on College Campus property by Ohio State Highway officer who said he 'smelled' alcohol on her clothing. She denied drinking but he gave her breath test and field sobriety. She had .027 BAC and says she was sure that she passed field test. She was not arrested and he did not informed about serious OVI charge. Please advise.
Unable to advise without more information. Contact an Ohio criminal defense attorney and discuss the issue with them.
I blew a .10 and have a court date this friday
Sometimes, yes they will but it on a case by case basis.
orig. charge January 2014, attended all dates and am scheduled to plea at the end of this month. Submitted request for restricted privileges based on my college sched. And two small children, and to get my husband to work whoim is also a non op but very recently had a warrant lifted. I didnt get notice of denial, judge just said fifteen days hard time no driving privileges. Stopped on my way to the grocery store because the pantry was threadbare, plus I have a leg injury and walking was not reccomeded by the doc.I got a DUS but no other charges (ORC 4510.11). Since I haven't had a chance to plead guilty, what happens now?I cannot go to jail, I have financial responsibilities, I am insured, I have no priors
In most DUS cases there is an underlying minor misdemeanor offense. An underlying offense usually refers to a traffic...
The DUI arrest was botched by the police from the start, I wasn't even driving when they arrested me. I was in the car with the driver and my girlfriend when we stopped at a store. When i came out of the store the driver had fled. My girlfriend at the time was intoxicated and a violent person anyway, and of course we were fighting . I was the only one to go in the store and when i came out the police had arrived. I avoided the court and was eventually picked up because the same girl accused me of DV and that felony charge was totally dismissed. The DUI went like this: I was never shown the evidence and the words of the judge at pretrial were" if you take this to trial you WILL loose and i WILL send you to prison." Terrified i plead guilty. This judge was disbarred shortly after.
In a lawsuit started by you, the burden shifts to you to prove that you were wronged. Convincing a new judge that the...