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I've been searching for a job for months now; and I have finally landed an interview with a company with whom I would enjoy working, a law firm in need of a marketing coordinator (Job in OH, arrest in IL). Earlier in the year, I was arrested for Driving Under Influence in Illinois, and after winning my summary suspension case, pleaded for supervision regarding the aforementioned case. At this point, I would like to remain transparent in order to avoid lying to potential employer; but also don't want to give out unnecessary information. Should I prepare a statement testifying to my rehabilitation, or avoid touching the subject altogether? If you were hiring for your firm, what would your opinion be?
If they ask if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense, you can answer no. If they run your background, theres...
I've seen you can't do anything about your driving record, but I see conflicting things on whether it's a 2 year waiting period to expunge it from your criminal record or if it stays forever as well.
You can't seal or expunge a DUI supervision.
Got a 2nd DUI last November my license are suspended for 3 yrs when i return to court in March of next yr I will be convicted with 1 yr revoked...How does that work since im one year into my 3 year suspension.
You will unfortunately have to wait out the 3 year suspension.
I had a dui many years ago,over twenty years,three years ago I got one and it was reduced to a reckless,two days ago I got pulled over and got one,i blew a .159 is this three or two and what can I expect with a good lawyer
It is your second DUI. A good lawyer will be able to evaluate your case for defenses, and explain your trial or plea...
the first two .059 at 7:30am and then .0610 at 7:55, and the second two .089 at 7:27pm and then .0670 at 8:24 pm. Since i failed both retests I dont think there is much i can do, my device does not have a BAC level that you can read your number, or they just didnt show me how to do it, if i knew it was that high i wouldnt have even bothered retesting, kind of seems to me that it would be more helpful to show your BAC if god forbid you do have a violation for watever reason. the device is called an ADS 2 has a camera and im not sure if even tells the driver BAC
You should probably talk to your DUI lawyer. He or she will write a letter giving your explanation for the hits. He...
I was pulled over for speeding in Kendall County, IL, after which I was asked to submit to a Field Sobriety Test. I remained calm and polite while acting in this, followed instructions, and acted to the best of my abilities. Due to the circumstances surrounding the issue (40 MPH cross-winds, my shaking based on the weather and my nerves), I was taken in to the station, in which I continued professionalism before agreeing to submit breathalyzer. The officer gave me 20 minutes to sit without coughing, touching my mouth, or belching (Avoiding coughing was impossible, as I was sick). In the officers' statement, the coughing constituted as a refusal to blow. What are my options, and does this circumstance constitute my "admission of guilt"?
The state can argue that. A good attorney will rebut them