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I had a dui many years ago,over twenty years,three years ago I got one and it was reduced to a reckless,two days ago I got pulled over and got one,i blew a .159 is this three or two and what can I expect with a good lawyer
It is your second DUI. A good lawyer will be able to evaluate your case for defenses, and explain your trial or plea...
I've seen you can't do anything about your driving record, but I see conflicting things on whether it's a 2 year waiting period to expunge it from your criminal record or if it stays forever as well.
You can't seal or expunge a DUI supervision.
Got a 2nd DUI last November my license are suspended for 3 yrs when i return to court in March of next yr I will be convicted with 1 yr revoked...How does that work since im one year into my 3 year suspension.
You will unfortunately have to wait out the 3 year suspension.
I've been searching for a job for months now; and I have finally landed an interview with a company with whom I would enjoy working, a law firm in need of a marketing coordinator (Job in OH, arrest in IL). Earlier in the year, I was arrested for Driving Under Influence in Illinois, and after winning my summary suspension case, pleaded for supervision regarding the aforementioned case. At this point, I would like to remain transparent in order to avoid lying to potential employer; but also don't want to give out unnecessary information. Should I prepare a statement testifying to my rehabilitation, or avoid touching the subject altogether? If you were hiring for your firm, what would your opinion be?
If they ask if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense, you can answer no. If they run your background, theres...
He knows his BAC level .14 will yield a guilty verdict so wants to humbly accept the consequences. Legal representation isnt affordable for him but I am concerned the judge will be harsh where a lawyer can buffer the blow of those consequences. I agree that representing himself because of guilty verdict anyway but will hiring a lawyer help in reducing penalties? first time offenses he qualifies for MDDP/BAIID so not sure if asking the court for public defender should be his next step
Hiring a lawyer is always a good idea, and in some situations can be somewhat affordable. 1. A lawyer may find a way...
Officier wrote on the paper work that it was my car. It wasn't my car. There's no way you can mistake a vechile being some else's if you did the right procedure which is run the license plates. So by him lying about that the report is not valid he lied once what else did he lie about. That is my arguement. He said there was a accident, he don't know where or have no witnesses. The report has no backbone execept the cop word which means anything cause he already lied. So how was I found guilty?
When the report indicates you were in your vehicle, it does not refer to the ownership of the vehicle but rather that...
license was revoked in accordance with illinois traffic code 11-501.1 due to an accident that caused type A personal injury or death when in fact no such even occurred leading up to the arrest for dui. my plea hearing is on the 21st and i'm curious what i can do to make this go in my favor
Get in touch with your Secretary of State and find out what documentation they need to straighten this out. Getting...