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I was hit by a drunk driver. she got dui and 3 more tickets.
She was traveling so fast that upon impact her car went flying through the air and debris flying. Her car landed 2 houses away from impact. My car totaled. i went to the dr. the next day and hired an attorney. I went thru treatment but none of which really helped. I have severe back and neck spasms. some days i am in such neck pain that i cant move my head much less drive. with the attorney i was offered 14,000. Because of my pain which seems to be getting worse, my life has changed and i know i will need further medical. the drivers policy was 50,000. I feel especially because she was totally at fault and got dui + 3 tickets that i deserve more. i did not accept the offer and am thinking about a new attorney. or should i accept it?
You did not say when this happened and what treatment you had. You need to discuss this more with your attorneybsince...
What if police have no video and audio evidence of your arrest?
lets say if i was in car incident and i was also drinking. no one was hurt but me. do officer on the scene have to record a audio and video of everything. i mean the officer who's questioning you should he be recording a audio and video to back his case up. lets say he didnt and he violate my rights and he didnt do all his require field test. if i knew he violate my rights and he didnt do all his requirement. lets say i went and requested a audio and video from the station. and they tell me they dont have anything on record. should my case be dismiss. can i sue for the lost of time and money for bailing me out jail?
Police have made arrests and the people have been convicted for many, many years without audio and video. How do you...
Car tire fell off went out control. Had 3 kids in car, had a few beer but was sober while driving home.
We live 15 min from my brother that evening we were fixing my new suspension for my car. After that we had a few drinks. I was sober at the time, or else I wouldn't had drove 10 min home. We came to a turn out and my steering wheel swing all the way to the right. We hit a mail box and hit a ditch. I found out that one of my struts came off. Because I found pieces of it. A officer arrive and I told I had a few beer. But he didn't let me tell him what happen. While I was taking out car seat to my brother who arrive the officer just hand cluff me.
You need to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to fight your charges as you risk having your license suspended and being...
So how long does it take for a dui to clear off your record for getting a job
It depends on how the case was resolved. IF you plead guilty to the case it will not be removed off your record. If the...
Will my license be suspended in Georgia after Virginia DWI if I move back and get GA license before court date?
I received a DWI in Virginia Dec. 2014. I am in the military and had my court date rescheduled until Sep. 2015 due to upcoming deployment. I am from Georgia, but moved here for the military and eventually changed my DL to Virginia. I am getting out and moving back to GA around July 2015. My license is not currently suspended in VA and will not be until I go to court because it was a first offense. I still pay taxes in GA and still registered to vote in GA so If I go get a GA drivers license before my court date in September 2015, will it then be suspended in GA considering GA is not part of the DLC? I know it is in the NDR, but if I change my license before my court date (and likely conviction) will It still be suspended?
It is still possible, but likely to be suspended in both places.
How much are surcharges and court costs on a 2nd DUI?
I was convicted of a second DUI in barrow county. My fine was set at $1000, and added surcharges and court costs. I have read typical estimates at 15-25% of the original fine. My probation company says that I owe over $2000 after initial fines, surcharges, and court costs. They have not been willing to give me a full itemized breakdown of where the extra $1000 are coming from. What rights do I have, if they are overcharging me?
They are right. Court costs and surcharges on a DUI fine of $1,000 is going to bring the total up to approximately $2,000.
What do i need to do? Charged with tires under legal limit, failure to maintain lane, and dui.
I was in an accident on my way to work after I lost traction due to bald tires and I was arrested for dui. The reason I was arrested for the dui was because the officer heard me tell the ems what medications I was prescribed and then the officer asked me if I had taken them that morning. I told him no because I hadn't (one of my prescriptions is a narcotic) I have never been in trouble before, the officer performed a breathalizer, and the ems took blood samples. The officer never told me that I was under arrest for dui, nor did he read me any kind of rights, not even after he handcuffed me. I went for my arraignment today and the said they still didn't have my blood results back and it would be another 4 1/2 months till they would receive them so technically I'm still out on bond. HELP!!
No one can help you solve this online. You need to engage a local attorney, whether in private practice or a public...