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I got pulled over and arrested for DUI in a rental car out of state last October and the court date is coming up.
I'm wondering what to expect at the court house and what my argument would be. I'm currently in school and taking care of my granny so i don't have a job so I'm wondering about fine and weather i will have to keep flying to Alabama to handle this matter. Also I'm on summery probation in California will that affect this case.
I'm assuming you didn't settle your case in city or district Court and your case is now in Circuit Court. The judge...
Can I be held liable if my underage roommates throw a party when I am not home?
My roommate (who is 18) is planning on throwing a party tonight despite my request for him not to. I am 21 and do not want to be held liable if, God forbid, someone leaves the party after drinking and kills someone while driving. I will not be at home during the party because I do not want to run the risk of getting in trouble. If the cops show up to the party, will I get in trouble for providing alcohol to minors, even if I'm not even there? (I did not buy any of the alcohol for this party, either.) If someone underage drinks and drives, will I be responsible since the party took place at my house?
You should not have a minor roommate. As the homeowner you have liability.
Second DUI in AL. First was about 15 years ago. I was asleep in the car. What am I facing.
I was asleep in the car behind my job where I had parked earlier that evening. I hit a wooden fence that was in front of my car. Car was on when police arrived. I was in drivers seat.
There is a lot here that needs to be answered. Did you blow, what was the reading? Did you perform any field sobriety...
Does an officer writing the wrong address on a ticket make it invalid?
I got a citation for a minor in possession of alcohol last night and the officer wrote the wrong address on the ticket. He wrote that I was drinking a beer in front of apartment 36 in my complex, but my complex doesn't have an apartment 36. It was actually apartment 1035. Does this affect the ticket in any way or do I still have to pay it?
It will make no difference whatsoever. This is simply called "scrivener error" and the fact that a wrong address, wrong...
Can a wallet be searched after surrendering it post arrest at the Jail?
after an arrest for public intoxication, i was taken to jail and after surrendering my personal property at the jail, my wallet was searched and a false ID was found. I was then charged with possession of a forged instrument. I was not read my rights at any time and I was not disturbing anyone when I was asked if I had been drinking as I stood outside of a local bar. I am 18.
Yes, a wallent can be searched upon entry to a jail or correctional facility. There are no Fourth Amendment protections...
15 yrs old, permit, driving with 16 year old licensed driver, and crashed. What will happen and can I get my license
I'm 15 with a permit. I had to take my car to go to school one day, and my mom wouldn't have known since she had to work. After school, I was driving to get something to eat before I had to be back at school for band and I got in a wreck with a 16 year old license driver in the car with me. I was in the turning lane going left and I had room to turn, I think the other driver was texting, not paying attention. Next thing I know, she's there and hits me. I pop a curb and go into a tree. Car is totalled. I know it was wrong for me to drive but I thought it would be okay with a license driver. I had to get to school that day. What will happen with me getting a license. Plus the lady is sueing for bodily injury, when she hit me and I was fine, and she didn't even go to the hospital or anything
While I do not practice in AL, it is imperative that you to an attorney who practives in your area. Most will offer a...
I, along with 12 others, were cited for Minor in Consumption on Lake Martin. What do I need to do?
We all submitted to a breathalyzer, under the pretense of finding someone to drive the boat back to the house's dock. Some of our BAC's are on our citations, while others aren't, depending on which officer wrote our ticket.
You all should consult a criminal defense attorney. There are many ways a skilled attorney can challenge the charges...