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Just wondering what the normal fee is for a 2nd DWI offense within 10 years. I would like to know 4k or 5k?
There is no set fee schedule DWI cases because every case is unique and has its own particular issues. Before I quote...
I got a DWI last week and also received two speeding tickets at one stop. I am going to see a lawyer this Friday that specializes in DWI cases. I refused to take a breathalyzer in fear, as I was never stopped before. I got two speeding tickets, though I have heard from many attorney in NYS it is double jeopardy to get two speeding tickets on one stop. I did not cross into another county either. Because this could be double jeopardy could the entire case be dropped? Also in my case, for an experienced lawyer is there anyway that they could get me off on a lesser charge? This is my first incident ever with this, and I'll tell you it's my LAST. My parents are probably going to pay for an attorney for me. I have a public defender who said he could get me a conditional license, but DWI stays
There's a lot of info that'd be necessary to give you a more full answer, but you've provided enough to at least try to...
I'm terrified!!! Got arrested for aggravated DWI blood alcohol level .187 spent almost 24 hours in jail what now? I can't function!!! First and LAST dwi, clean record, never been arrested, never had any problems with the law. Can I go to jail? What's going to happen?? Please help.
Aggravated DWI does carry with it a possible jail term but if you really do have a clean record it is highly unlikely...
My cousin was pulled over and charged with DWI and his Alcohol level is 0.22,does he need to hire an attorney or will they provide one for him? it is his first offense so what is the likely result of this case?
If he can afford to hire an attorney, then he will need to hire one. If he can't afford an attorney, one will be...
I was recently offered a job. There was no background check performed as of yet. I thought the process was they don't offer you a job until a background check is performed? I'm asking because I recently got charged with a DWi in Ontario County. I am not sure what to plea yet, as they are strict there. I didn't breath in the breathalyzer. If I was to have to do a background check when I start my job next week, would anything show up such as a suspended license? I called the DMV and they said I have a 15 day suspension as of now. I'm just concerned, as I own a house and need to work. They may not perform a background check, as I was already offered the position. Thank you for any help.
Honesty is the best policy when dealing with future and current employers.
Recently got a dui. First court date is middle of November. Spoke to an attorney and he said most likely have to go to trial to get it reduced to a dwai. It's my first time arrested for anything in my life. Wondering how long it will take to actually affect my life. I have a family, annual, trip to vegas the second week of December and very curious how it affects that trip and how long things like driving privileges and foreign travel will be affected. Will I be put on probation right away after my first appearance and not be allowed in a casino? I wouldn't even ask this question if I wasn't already committed to the trip and people dependent on me taking them. Thanks
You should ask your attorney this question. Thabt being said, your license should have been suspended when you first...
I live in NYS and have a hearing in over a week for the DMV hearing. Could they order me to take AA meetings or anything like that just to get a temporary license to and from work?
I'm not sure you can get a conditional license on a refusal.