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Georgia DUI
I received a DUI in georgia but I live in DC. I plead nolo contendere, which is essentially a guilty plea. However, in my paperwork from my lawyer it stated "I hereby authorize my attorney to enter a plea of nolo contendere/guilty on my behalf and in my absence to all charges related to the above styled matter and sign any and all necessary document regarding same to an ordinance which will not report on my criminal history." what does this mean? I also paid online for a background check on myself and nothing came up. Please advise.
Sounds like your lawyer did a "plea in absentia" which means he/she enters a guilty plea on your behalf so that you don'...
May I attend an out of state online DUI school if I received a DUI in Georgia?
I got a DUI and found a first offense online DUI class in Nevada at It's only $95, a lower price than any other schools here. If I can get my judge to agree to it, would it be possible to take this equivalent dui school for somewhere other than in NV? It's my first DUI and I didn't do any damage, I'd want to take an online course that gives me more freedom and saves me some money. Thanks!
Depending on what court you are going to but the answer will almost certainly be no. You can, however, always ask.
DUI warrant out of Georgia
I have a DUI warrant for violation out of GA but I haven't lived there in 5 plus years. Recently called the P.O. in GA explaining my situation and was told that I must turn myself in, although I was going to pay an attorney to try and see if I can have it transferred, as I completed most of the requirements. I am working, and ofcourse this would be a huge inconvenience to have to fly to Georgia....Is there anything I can do so that I can get the warrant rescinded and complete the requirements here in NY? I've never had a DUI and want to get this over with and move on with my Life! Thanks!
Who were you on probation with in Georgia? If it is a private probation company, you may be in luck. However, your...
Do I have to pay a fee to get my license back?
I recently had a DUI dismissed and during the time of the case my license was never forwarded to dds. Do I just ask for them a replacement license? Will they make me pay a large fee?
If your license (actual hard drivers license) was taken from you at the time of your DUI arrest, you should contact the...
US Permanent Resident with 3 DUI.
I've been a U.S. Permanent Resident since 1992. I'm married to a U.S. Citizen and we have 2 girls, 1 1/2, and 4 1/2. I have always worked and paid my taxes. I have 3 DUI. 2001, 2009, 2015. I'm waiting to go to court for last one and already have a criminal lawer. What am I facing as far as my green card goes? It expires in 2023. If I'm found guilty for this third dui will I be put in deportation process? Can I still travel outside the country without getting detained on the way back? I went to see a immigration lawer in Jonesboro and he told me I have nothing to worry about as far as renewing my green card but I'm still a little paranoid, scared. Is he right? Please help, I'm losing a lot of sleep over this. I'm a good parent and husband just made bad decisions in my life.
DUIs are not considered crimes of moral turpitude so your green card will not be affected. Concentrate on solving your...
Can I challenge a decision concerning my C D L license years after.
My C D L's were revoked under a nolo plea that I feel that I was forced to enter.
You don't provide enough information to give an answer. You should gather ALL your paperwork, charges, please, CDL,...
I got arrested for DUI after eating a lot of kratom I didn't tell the cop I ate kratom but he arrested me anyway because I was
stumbling will kratom show up in the blood test?
It's possible. Kratom may show up if it's tainted or not pure. Or if the GBI lab test for it, which I haven't come...