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DUI by cannabis Did field sobriety but refused breathalyzer and drug screen
I got pulled over and the cop said he smelled weed, he asked me to get out and he did a field sobriety test. Then he asked if I could take a breathalyzer and a drug screen and I said I wanted a lawyer and he took me to jail. But he did not find any marijuana! Two days after I got out of jail I took a drug screen from a facility and I was negative for marijuana. Are my chances good?
You need to hire an experienced trial attorney in Atlanta to help you fight this. Good luck.
Can an attorney resolve a 4-5 year-old DUI without my physical presence?
Received a DUI and haven't lived in the state since; would like to resolve the outstanding case but unable to travel to do so personally. I would need help resolving issues pertaining to the suspended/revocation of my GA license.
It depends on how you want to resolve your case. If you want a trial then you will need to appear. If you want to enter...
Should I get an attorney for a Minor in possesion of alcoho when I was 18 if I am 22 now and still do not have a set court date?
I was arrested for minor in posseion of alcohol in 2011 and still do not have a court date. What should I do?
Unless you skipped out on court, and a bench warrant is lingering out there for your arrest, the statute of limitations...
What should i do, my boyfriend was driving my car , i was the passenger. Five cop cars pulled us over, and arrested him for dui.
My boyfriend was driving i was the passenger five cop cars pulled us over. They came to my passenger window put hand cuffs on me and put me in the back of a police car. Then they searched my car and purse. They said they pulled us over bc we ran a stop sign.they then took my boyfriend out the car arrested him for a dui. They refused to give us sobriety test on the scene. Then they impounded my car and let me go. What should i do?
What should you do for yourself? Nothing. You weren't charged. For him? Help him hire a good DUI attorney.
If I am convicted of a DUI in one city and live in another city, how is probation handled?
The DUI took place in Carrollton and I live in Doraville. I am aware I should hire an attorney in the West GA area, but, if said lawyer cannot reach a plea deal with the solicitor and we have to plead guilty with a year of probation, how does that work since I live in location A and it was in location B? I'm also curious how some people seem to be able to choose where they do community service instead of it being assigned automatically. Thank you, kindly!
If you are placed on probation you will be assigned a probation officer who can answer your questions and work out...
Can a DUI get expunged in the state of Georgia?
I got a DUI five years ago. I completed every requirement probation demanded (community service, DUI class, clinical evaluation, etc) but I cannot become of legal immigration status because of the DUI I have on my record. Is there ANY possible way I can get it expunged?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Georgia is one of the harshest states when it comes to removing charges from your...
The judge fined me eight hundred dollars for not having a Georgia drivers license, will end up paying be over 1500
Could not afford to purchase Birth Certificate. Was not working for a while, then started working part time. Original birth Certificate costs right at one hundred dollars. Had Certified copy, DL place would not accept. So in addition to this 1500.00, I am also placed on probation! Do I have any recourse in this BS.
I cannot speak to your situation before your court date. The time to look for legal recourse was BEFORE you were...