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How do i know when my probation is complete?
I received a DUI 3 years ago, and am not sure what happens next. How do I know when my probation is complete? Is there paperwork involved? Or is it simply done 3 years after my court date and that's it? Also, how do I go about getting it expunged? And will I have any trouble traveling to another country?
Probation is complete at the end of the term of probation. Three years in your case. You can make an application to...
I was arrested for DUI in California I have a colorado drivers license and did not recive a temporary license call DMV?
This is my first offence first traffic offence since 2004 I'm finding a lot of different feed back on this situation from just doing a Google search can anyone help me? I am planing on hiring a lawyer
Yes, do call the DMV to reserve a hearing here in CA. The DMV will assign your driving privilege at issue an "x number"...
Would a pending misdemeanor DUI charge jeopardize U visa adjustment application?
Before the U visa approval in Aug. 2011, I had a Disorderly Conduct conviction, a violation, under New York Penal Law 240.20 in 2009; I don't have any other negative issues like EWI or Unlawful Presence. I must apply for U Adjustment before Aug. 2015, would the pending DUI case seriously impact my adjustment application? The DUI arrest occurred in Oct. 2012, but the case is still pending, and DA offers Wet Reckless.
Lawyer up with an immigration attorney! Avvo has many here that offer free consultation! Just search and call one! A...
Experience w/ Santa Clara County courts and DUI probation violation?
Friend of mine has been incarcerated in San Mateo since Nov (Here is the background We have learned that he will likely be serving a year for the recent felony, which means at half time, he will be out in May-ish (since he already has 4+ months complete) & likely have to go into Bridges program. What is still unknown is how his PV will be treated which is based out of Santa Clara county. I understand SC has 5 days to come get him & then 3 days to give him a hearing. How likely is it that SC will just allow his sentencing from San Mateo ( 1 year jail time + program) be his final punishment vs making him spend jail time in SC for PV? He had 6 mos left on 5yr probation when last DUI happened.
Who knows? Your "friend" should contact the attorney who handled his case in Santa Clara County. If and when they...
Is it possible to get my license back before i go to court for a driving on a suspended (5th) one in 11 years
I finally finished my mop for my 2nd dui i got back in 2004 last week. 11Years later! and three weeks ago i got pulled over and cited out for driving on a suspended. Is there a chance dmv will let me get my license back before i go to court next month,even if i get it postponed?
I practice in California and your question is impossible to answer without knowing more facts. What is MOP? Minor in...
A tourist in America, arrested for DUI. I have a hearing coming up next month, however I am not in the US.
Do I call to postpawn or what are the risks of not attending? I don't want to get an attorney.
If you don't want to get an attorney, the court will issue a bench warrant for your arrest when you do not appear. You...
I was arrested for a DUI but did not intentionally or knowingly consume alcohol prior to driving. I had what I thought was orang
I was arrested for a DUI but did not intentionally or knowingly consume alcohol prior to driving. I had what I thought was orange juice that may have actually contained champagne. What do I do? What kind of evidence do I need to present in court? Do I need witnesses to testify that I did not know this? I was at work and a work event prior to the arrest, driving straight from work to home. I prefer not to involve my coworkers in this as it would impact my career.
You need to arrange a consultation with a criminal defense attorney. Many attorneys offer free consultations and you...