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How do i know when my probation is complete?
I received a DUI 3 years ago, and am not sure what happens next. How do I know when my probation is complete? Is there paperwork involved? Or is it simply done 3 years after my court date and that's it? Also, how do I go about getting it expunged? And will I have any trouble traveling to another country?
Probation is complete at the end of the term of probation. Three years in your case. You can make an application to...
Can I sue driver because he was arrested for DUI?
I was in a car accident where the insurance found him partially at fault. He was arrested for a DUI. Can I sue him for additional injuries that I am claiming outside of what the insurance paid?
If you signed a release, then no, you cannot sue him for additional damages. Its also not clear whose insurance you...
I got a DUI that I think was unfair.
There were issues with the field sobriety test.
Then you should hire an attorney to fight the case. Don't forget to contact DMV within 10 days of your arrest to...
Would a DUI attorney that owns an insurance company that specializes in SR-22 be in conflict of interest?
I was recently arrested for a DUI and have been researching for an attorney. I decided to move forward and select this one particular attorney to represent me. It was not until after I had paid him that he disclosed in an email that he owns an insurance company and recommends it to start locking a good rate. Would this be a conflict of interest that he could not fight might case as well to potentially get me as a insurance customer. I signed a contract and I feel that if I release him as my attorney he might end up charging me a lot.
I'm not sure if owning an insurance company is against the State Bar rules but if you feel he is pressuring you to use...
Charged with refusing a test on scene but went to hospital and gave blood and toxicology came back negative can I have overturne
Never was asked on scene to take test gave blood at emergency room how is that a refusal
Has the DMV suspended your license based on your "refusal" to submit to a chemical test? The sample collected at the...
I'm being charged with vc 13353 eventhough I was taken to emergency room had blood taken paperwork saying toxicology negative
Was released from hospital after day and a half then released and admitted again a day later
OK, sorry to hear about this. What is your question.
What happens when the chemical test breathalyzer is done after three hours? Can the rising bac argument be strong in the case?
I was in an accident that caused me to be arrested for DUI. The other car hit me (and I recorded him admitting at fault). That happened at 8 pm. He ended up calling his son for assistance for some reason and his son showed up about 20 mins later and he smelled alcohol on me. So he called the coos. The cops showed up 10-15 mins later and I did tell them I had 2 shots and a beer about an hour before they showed up. They started to give me fst which they told me i seemed fine. Later they had me do the pas test. There I blew .13, .10 and .11 which was past two hours after the accident. I was arrested and the chemical test wasn't done until an hour later. There I blew a 0.11 twice. The citation noted 10:30 which I am assuming when they arrested at the accident location.
In general, the longer the time that elapses between the accident and the breath test, the less reliable the breath...