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on probation for 3 year , just got on unsupervised probation.
No, but you may lose your license.
I had a dui back in 2005, I recently applied to a school where the questions was asked if I ever was arrested for a misdemeanor, I had a background check done and it came back with nothing on it. I also checked myself on the website and nothing is there. Is it safe to assume that this is clear from my record now? I thought my attorney had to removed??
No you cannot as it isn't true.
I was pulled over for going the wrong way down a one way street as I was unfamiliar with the area. I admitted to the officer that I had had a few drinks. I refused the field sobriety test and the breathalyzer. I was pulled over around midnight and my blood was taken around 3 am. I am not sure what the blood test will determine but has anyone ever fought the validity of this test?
I am not licensed in Virginia. However, the Supreme Court has recently ruled in Missouri v. McNeely. Speak to a VA...
I'm looking at a conviction for a 2nd DUI in 8 yrs with a NY license while driving in NJ (first was in NY). Since the case started, I've moved down to MD for work. I'm wondering how this will play out if I'm convicted in the following cases: 1) If I keep my NY license, I would be suspended soon after a conviction and be unable to apply to MD for a hardship license. Would I be able to apply to NYS for a hardship license to allow me to commute in MD? 2) If I move to a MD license before conviction, would I be looking at any actions or holds from NY (since that was the licensing state at the time of the incident)? I would welcome any suggestions as to how best to proceed here.
If your license was valid in NY and the conviction in NJ is the equivalent of a DWI unclassified misdemeanor in NY,...
For example, could a lawyer put up flyers, hand out business cards to students on campus without first getting permission from the school?
The lawyer would be wise to have permission from the school first.
I bartend at a college bar. Recently a police officer told me that they are going to raid it for the 2nd time this semester, and if the owner of the bar has not purchased a device for photographing each ID and proving which customer came in with which ID every bartender will be arrested and charged. The bar has multiple bouncers working at once, and checks every ID manually, with a blacklight, and with a scanner. However many of the fake ID's are so advanced they pass all 3 of these checks. Last month, it was raided and there were about 100 underage people there. The police told me they don't have the right to search them, so they can't prove they gained access through a fake ID. As a bartender, can I face charges even though we thoroughly check ID's and I am merely doing my job?
You are legally responsible if YOU serve a minor an alcohol beverage, or are the owner of the establishment. It is not...
The probationer knows their next reporting date a month ahead of time. Are people really stupid enough to report that same day right after drinking?
Some people do test positive for alcohol despite the fact that they knew they would be tested. Others pick up a new...